Thank You Veterans

My Dad was a Marine and my mother forbade me to join the Marines. So I became a Corpsman :rofl: :sunglasses: I became something between a Bubblehead, Squid, Scrunt and Scrog. There are literally thousands of people who know who I am, where I’ve been and what I’ve done but only know me as “Doc”. I’m good with that.

OBTW, that pic had to come from the Lady Lex as I don’t think A6’s flew off the TR. I watched her go down the Thames river to the shipyard for the final time. Also saw my first boat and the USS America (my first “ship”) make the same journey. I will admit I cried for the last two.




I am still Navy Blue to the core. When you spend
24 years of your adult life in the Navy, it just becomes such a big part of who you are. One thing is for sure, I GOT MORE OUT OF IT THAN I PUT INTO IT. Thank you to my brother & susrers who served.