Texas tops U-Haul’s 2021 ‘growth index,’ California at bottom

The top five move-to states are all gun friendly. Go figure. Let’s hope Californians don’t constitute what amounts to another virus pandemic, infecting other states with their anti-2A sentiments.

Here’s another tidbit… Look at the cost difference in moving from California vs. moving to California. Gotta get those trucks back to the golden state somehow. (The same comparison for Nashville instead of Austin is even more dramatic, btw.)

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Two words: Trojan Horse


Take it from a native Utahn, they are and will infect your state. I can’t tell you how many times we hear “In California we…” when talking about gun laws or any laws for that matter. If you wonder why Salt Lake City proper is the only left wing bastion in Utah that’s the reason, Californian’s.


I lived in California when that state became infected with well-heeled outsiders determined to make the place over — “they” came from the East.

Just sayin’…


Go West, they say.

And make it over they did!

“Just keep goin’,” we said. “You’re too conservative to fit in here.”

But really, we are pretty much all late arriving encroachers — wherever we may be, and wherever we may have been.

The few million Americans who have a “first-in” claim made their big mistake offering Welcome Wagon baskets :turkey: to Brendan, Leif, and eventually the Brownists. I bet their descendants wish we’d all go “back where we came from.”

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