Terms of Agreement (Coverage)

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Here’s a thought. USCCA has collated a considerable resource about the process and expectations of a legal interaction between an individual, and the legally appointed representatives of the community one lives within regarding the results or outcome of a violent act either carried out in self-preservation, defense of family, loved ones, or in the act of being good samaritans.

The information is communicated in anecdotal stories, citations by reference of the legal codes of our various communities, States, and Federal Territories we live in, and, in the presentation of scenario demonstrations which explore in a situational context the relationships between the citizen, the lawbreaker, and the actions/reactions of legal representatives as an incident occurs, in the immediate aftermath, and during expected criminal and/or civil due process.

While the individual could research all this information with time and a clear understanding of how our judicial system is intended to work and how it does work, USCCA offers a professional service that has explored all these considerations and actively continues to become aware of permutations, which may develop new case law.

USCCA distills their knowledge base and attempts to present all this in a system which makes it easier for a client to understand, become aware of, prepare by which, the said client would know what to expect if - forbid - one finds themselves witness to, involved in, defending themselves in a fatal or near-fatal effort of defense, protection, or act of criminality.

Now, one could seek and retain an attorney who could provide knowledge, skills, and services; to the best of their knowledge. But, how much do you need to know, accurately, and with confidence to choose a “good” one?

One could attend workshops and seminars which offer topical explorations of all the above.

Each of these potential resources has a price, are short term in the exposure to content, depend heavily upon your ability to record, understand, and retain this information and then utilize it to interact successfully at some point in time, which may be many years after you have had this exposure.

Yes, you may have to face a legal challenge to your actions alone at some time in the future, even with a continuing relationship with USCCA, where their actuaries indicate they should not accept to represent you before the court.

But, the resource that you have available - continuously beforehand - may give you at least a chance to know what you face, shape how you will present yourself toward a legal inquiry, locate an attorney associated with USCCA, who while not paid by USCCA, is willing to represent you at their normal fees, and is known to you to be successful due to the exposure USCCA offered of their practice, record, and your introductory opportunity to inquire of them - through prior due diligence - to ensure you can protect yourself or your family in a time of significant duress.

Seems like a lot on the barrelhead for a nominal association fee or subscription.

Add if you are challenged in a situation where your case is not only righteous, but the Company feels they have an opportunity to win and shield you from the worst our litigious society can offer; you may not have to spend a dime more than that monthly tithe to keep your freedom or the freedom of a covered loved one.

(huh… and heck, I don’t even get a dime for the hoorah. Oh, well.)

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I’ve always been puzzled by the term “Legal Self-defense”. If I’m being charged, someone in the system doesn’t think it was “Legal”. Isn’t that what the court is supposed to decide? I don’t want my case pre-judged. Never been comfortable with the answer “it depends” either. If I have the mindset that I must defend or die, I hope I wouldn’t get the response, “Oops, nope, you were wrong”.


It ultimately comes down to would you rather be judged by 12 or carried by 6 in a life or death self defense situation.

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Thanks for the assist @Bruce26! I was just about to start searching for the conversation where we discussed this and the next message I read was yours :slight_smile:

If you have specific questions you need to be answered quickly over the weekend, please give us a call at 877-677-1919. We’re all here to help!

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