"Tell Me Something About Yourself."

This is undeniably the most difficult question you’ll ever face in a job interview. I think one job I got was when I answered, “I’m just another poor but basically honest American boy who never grew up to be President.”. No matter how good you look on paper, stand by when this is dropped on you. FYI


I am just an outgoing, loving, humble American man who will give you the shirt off his back. I dislike bullies, people who pick or pray on the elderly or people who pick on handicaps or invalids. Just saying.


No better way to be, I am one of those God Guns and Guts people. If you treat someone,Possibly anyone with dignity and respect,Alot of the times though not all of the time that will come back :us:


My post was intended as a heads-up tip for those of you seeking or switching jobs, in case you’ve never been asked this - it’s one way interviewers separate the wheat from the chaff.

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