Taurus GX4 Safety Notice


Now we can stop complaining about P320 being the only one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m wondering how many drop discharges already occured from this model.


I admire the fact that at least they stepped up and warned people and took responsibility.


Sig P320 and Taurus, that’s some interesting company to keep lol

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It’s strange…almost every review i read mentioned something similar to this: “The first is a trigger safety, which ensures that the gun will not fire without the center of the trigger blade pressed. A firing-pin block ensures that the GX4 won’t fire if dropped”. I actually remember not-so-realistic video someone posted not too long ago, in which some dude bashed the back of pistol slides with a hammer and said it was impossible for a gun with a stiker block and trigger safety to fire when getting pummeled by said hammer. The pistol he was referring to was a glock…we’ll see how it goes, but one can’t help but wonder if maybe the gx4 might have planted a little doubt in the reliability of the overly trusted striker block and trigger safety.


That proves how true is the one of NRA’s safety rules: “Mechanical safeties can fail and cannot be trusted”.