Tattoos - whatcha got?

I have three. One = 1st Special Ops badge from my unit in the service. #2 = Nose paint from my helicopter there. #3 = Stage copy of old performance my band did in 1998.

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Unfortunately I was overseas when my grandmother forced my GGM to move out of the home they’d lived in for more than 70 years as a couple. They basically abandoned the home and everything in it including her wood stove.

Had I known at the time what was going on I’d have moved heaven and earth to get that stove.

Some of my fondest memories centered around it along with many of the best meals of my life being cooked on it.

She knew exactly how man sticks of wood how often to produce a specific temp and knew to adjust that count based on the relative humidity.

Nothign tastes as good as fresh bred from either a wood stove or a clay/stone oven.


No tattoos for me, allows me to buy more guns that are far more practical than a tattoo…

Also, I fear my skin condition would destroy it anyways.

This is the final result after a scrape and scab. This has not healed past what is pictured for the last couple months.


@Orpackrat I’m the same, just never got interested in Body Art

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My friend, don’t get cats then. And especially don’t let them ‘nap on your lap.’
Their claws - as you can imagine - are designed to carry bio-contam, and they’re, well, “skittish as cats!”
Last, since I’ve turned 60, it seems wound healing on the top of my calves has run down to 1/3rd as effective as it was before.



I will never have a cat…

Instead I have a little buddy…

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I was inspired by other photo’s so I can’t take complete credit for the drawing, I draw all my own, but this is the last one. (boy I had to shrink a lot to fit here)


I think, if I got one, it would be this: " Revelation 19:11
“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.”

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