Taser taser taser

I do not know how many of you saw the post from the expo:

But I commented that I also was tased. And here is the proof.

In 2017 on the last day of the Citizens Academy I volunteered to be tased.
They shot the taser into the tin foil covering cardboard and then just taped the leads onto us rather than deal with the barbs and blood and holes in shirts.

The one video I was holding my GoPro, the other video I handed people in class my phone.

If your city has a Citizens Academy for the FD and PD I highly recommend taking them.


I can’t see the videos (not a facebooker) but Yikes!

I’ll ask @Heather to post her video here. She’s got it on her phone. She was a good sport about it and felt some of the after affects the next day (exhaustion and muscle pains - which are both to be expected when you’re working an expo anyway).

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I would re-post my videos not on FB but since I moved I currently have 20/1 internet until around August when the phone company trenches the 1/4 mile driveway to run fiber.


Here’s the video of Heather getting tased:


It’s not a lot of fun. I took three different five second rides a few years back in training, and it stinks. The good thing is that once it’s over, it’s over. Unlike OC, which can last for hours and hours and hours…


Found where I had them on dropbox