Targeted Theft

So, Republican Representative Beau Matthew LaFave of Iron Mountain went to Michigan’s State of the State carrying an AR Pistol modified for himself. His guest was a Michigan State Police Sergeant. When interviewed about why he brought the firearm to the capitol building he responded “Our Governor is notoriously anti-gun. I brought it to send the message of If you plan to disarm the citizens of Michigan, you’ll have to start with me.”

The following weekend his rental home in Lansing was broken in to (front door completely kicked in) and the AR pistol as well as a few other firearms he kept in that rental were stolen. No other valuables were touched. When asked, Governor Whitmer simply stated “It wasn’t me.”

When the issue was brought to social media, leftists of all types, including supposed pro-gun liberals, were quick to demonize Representative LaFave. Victim blaming, which they typically decry, became their weapon of choice.


Any gun owner should seriously consider a gun safe and alarm system as essential. In a rental or traveling is hard, Of course, there are options to make an opportunistic theft more difficult. One thing thieves never seem to look for is the GPS tag in the buttstock,
Still pointedly and publicly carrying a firearm is kind of like putting a 4K TV box on the curb after a big holiday sale.


He can put up a GoFundMe for new gun, new lockbox.

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I was looking at a website about that same incident its crazy but it happens more than not that’s why I have 2 safes a alarm system and a 195 pound rotty

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I don’t know you personally but that is one hell of a deterrent you have there, LOL

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Nothing says it wasn’t in a safe for the record. Just that his Lansing rental was broken in to and firearms stolen.

Pretty much any safe can be broken in to, especially if you know the home owner or renter won’t be around for awhile. Even biometric locks can be overridden. You can find how to videos on YouTube.


Ok they weren’t in a safe…

According to an Interview with Beau LaFave he kept them in a dresser drawer in his rental house. Specifically beneath his underwear. His rental was locked top to bottom. The perp smashed a window to get in. The perp took two firearms and $20.

This interview contradicts the first article on it.

My thoughts are this: No kids, no safe needed. Even if he did have a safe the person who did it was determined. It was obviously someone who knew where his rental was, knew he would be gone, knew he kept firearms there. He was targeted for being an unapologetic pro-gun legislator.

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That sounds right to me. Don’t know if we’ll get to find out for sure… all we can do is hope the person who did it is so proud of their self-righteousness they brag about it… maybe then it gets confirmed.

And here is our P.O.S. Attorney General…

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