Target does it again!

Target funds nonprofit calling for demilitarization, shutting down Mt. Rushmore as ‘symbol of white supremacy’

Embattled retail giant Target has funded a nonprofit that calls for shutting down Mount Rushmore because the landmark is a “symbol of white supremacy,” demilitarizing the “violent” US military and imposing sanctions on Israel, according to a report

The company — which has lost $12 billion in market cap in the past two weeks over its Pride-themed clothing for adults and children — has donated money to NDN Collective, according to 2021 tax documents obtained by Fox News.

It’s unclear how much money the “cheap chic” retailer has shelled out to the organization, which bills itself as an Indigenous-led organization “dedicated to building the collective power of Indigenous Peoples,” according to the group’s Twitter page.

However, a statement on NDN Collective’s website said the group was awarded $50 million in 2021 to support Indigenous communities.

The group has called the “very existence” of Mount Rushmore “a symbol of white supremacy” since the national memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota — with the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln carved into mountainside — is set on “stolen Lakota land.”

Target funds nonprofit calling for demilitarization, shutting down Mt. Rushmore as ‘symbol of white supremacy’

Target funds nonprofit calling for demilitarization, shutting down Mt. Rushmore as ‘symbol of white supremacy’© Provided by New York Post

Tax documents from 2021 revealed that Target funded NDN Collective, an Indigenous-led organization that has pushed to demilitarize the “violent” US military, wants to impose sanctions on Israel and received a $50 million award that same year.NDN Collective

“NDN Collective for the closure of the national monument indefinitely,” said a press release, which was posted in July 2020 before then-President Donald Trump visited Mt. Rushmore in celebration of Independence Day.


Like violence isn’t exactly what a military is , equipped for, trained for and sent to far away places to perform. Like it or not, this is the wave of the future.


Did someone say Target?

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The mighty dollar is either going to work for us or against us.
Right now, we seem to be losing on all fronts!
Seems this has killed more people than my AR-15 ever will!
But they sure are testing it!

Evil triumphs…you know the thing…!



You are watching the sinking of the S.S.Target in ‘Real Time’. The 'cabal’ists think they can do anything they wish and the American people will just fall lock step in line w/ this madness. They will join the ending of Micky ‘D’s, Anheuser-Busch , Cracker Barrel (a new one) , Kohl’s, possibly Chick fil eyyyyy!.. and unfortunately (or fortunately) the list will lengthen.
Shooting yourself in the foot in business happens (sometimes), hey they are human (for the most part) but blowing your legs off! As Target is now guilty of will be their undoing. When you are NOT the only game in town, you can disappear and eventually people will say “Remember Target?” and a lot of people will say “Who?”. But with the advent of the rise in ‘Pickle ball sports’ space is needed and empty TARGET stores will be PERFECT! The “Mall of America” can hold the annual Pickle Tournaments! Just remember all this ‘Inclusion/DEI is supposed to be for everybody, make everybody equal… Well, NO actually. The Trans community is like 0.005% of the population. How is that fair that WE THE PEOPLE are to cater to this Anarchist group to our peril. How is that Inclusive? How is it the Anti-F–k’s and BLM’s both violent Hate groups are protected and we gunner’s are in the crosshairs? They are not only trying to re-write history but erase most of it too! Confederate statues removal seems to be the start of the anti-white movement. Add reparations, government hand-out’s for everything, No bail, No jail and lest we forget marijuana for everybody! (Oh yeah except for Gunner’s! anybody smokin’ dope has to give up their Guns…that’s fair right?) IT’s ALL ABOUT THE GUNS! They FEAR US! They have to in order for them to weaponize the friggin’ IRS! “They say “We will only go after the rich people!” RIGHT! and why do you need more hardware than the Marines! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?.556 Calculator’s? .223 Pencils? I don’t think so. This gubment is so insidious the forming of the para-military TSA almost went UN-noticed to most people. Why do we need that? MORE DISARMAMENT. You can’t take an Assault nail clippers on that plane sir! Here eat this meal w/ a ‘spork’ oh that’s right there is no meal anymore, try opening your (8) peanut bag w/ that spork. NUTS!
Who is going to protect you when the “Violent US MILITARY” is gone, Kaput! The Guberment?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:OH Donald that was a good one!
Question: Why is it that every ‘entity’ now is calling for the DISARMAMENT” of the World ? HMMMMMM?
Any hands? Does this picture of what the ‘other side’ is trying to do get clearer as we go?
Mount Rushmore? (white supremacy?) The 2nd Amendment? The Bill of RIGHTS!", FREEDOM and it’s brother FREE SPEECH! Founding father’s principals will be eradicated! (or so they think)
We White’s are under attack! We are now the HATED Race ! We are TARGETED! (pun Intended!) for extinction! Why? because we can’t be Bought! That’s why! We are NOT looking for a monthly Stimulus checks, a hand out, CONTROLLED. But this isn’t just a PURE WHITE issue, Blacks, Hispanics,Chinese etc will all be next once we are out of the way. Anyone who won’t fall in line and be a gubment drone will be
Neutralized/Cancelled. As Donald Trump famously said “They aren’t after me, they are after YOU, I’m just in their way!” PRICLESS! Oh and let’s not forget that little blurb at the end of the paragraph 'sanctions against the Jewish people (Guns , Whites and Jews HAVE TO GO!) The scourge of all our problems! These people really HOLD A GRUDGE! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
And finally, Who are the ‘Indigenous peoples ? (republic of China maybe? how about the Millions of southern gate crashers? They will need our jobs and houses and cars once we are dead. THEY WILL BE THE NEW US ARMY? I will be breakin’ Bread with GOD before I let that happen.

Good bye Target and the rest of 'em…and good riddance!


Don, you’re right, the key point is they’re not the only game in town. That was Bud Light’s giant error. They forgot that their product actually kind of sucks, or is equally sucky to about a dozen other light “beers” and that people only bought it because it was cheap, easy to get, light and cold and everyone could swallow it without being offended. When your product is marginal at best, but you’re still the biggest brand in the country, just shut up, count your blessings, thank your customers, and stay in your freaking lane.

As for being upset at our “voilent” military, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? I remember old Don Rumsfeld giving a press conference after 9/11 and the B52’s were dropping huge bombs on the Taliban. Some bleeding heart reporter asked him if that wasn’t awful and killing a lot of people. He looked at her like she had three heads and said “That’s the point. We’re trying to kill them!” OMG, are people that stupid?


Yes Sir! (they are Stoopid!)
they are drones, Lamestream media tells them who to like, when to like it and to get the vaxx,wear your masks. I never had a watered down Bud Light so I have to take your word for it. These people trying to tell us what to do and when to do it are finally seeing the backlash. Parents who let their kids be operated on/Indoctrinated are worthy of the lowest rung in HELL !
Even though it doesn’t seem like it there is still accountability for our actions
Judgement day is coming for he who f—s w/ US!

It’s gonna get LOUD BROTHERS!


I am not into boycotts, but 4 years ago, if I wanted to buy anything online, Amazon was the 1st website I went to. Today, Amazon is last. Target is going to be the same.
Great opportunity for retailers and brands that hadnt stained themselves pledging allegiance to the flag of CCP or sickness or criminality


I hear this a lot about Mount Rushmore.
Just to be clear, 90% or more of the United States was taken from Native Americans, either by force or through some kind of shenanigans. So if Target is worried about stolen Native American land, they can start with all the stolen land they build their stores on.

Same goes for all the other half-wit celebrities who have jumped on the anti-Mount Rushmore bandwagon.


For the most part “Celebrities SUCK!”

If they don’t have a script in front of them to make them sound smart or witty
their true idiocy springs forward. Pitch your movie,book, Tee Vee show whatever and STFU!

If they only had a brain! whistle, whistle, whistle, whistle, whistle, whistly whistle, whistle!

Oh sorry folks, STAY ON TARGET w/ this thread------- TARGET SUCKS TOO! That’s better wphew!

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We used to say that it was like having sex in a canoe. (It’s ----ing close to water.)

Interesting that Bud Light sales are still down. I’m curious if they were already in trouble and this was merely the excuse people needed to try something different. But… Modelo is the new top beer???
Bud Light Loses Title as Top-Selling U.S. Beer - WSJ

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Is Starbucks of the expensive, burnt coffee not in trouble? or the National Felon League, or Target that cannot decide if they want to be like Walmart or upscale. They all know they are in trouble , still they do it.

Peak of lunacy at Starbucks was a few years ago, when the CEO told barristas to discuss race with customers.