Taliban have "Changed" to M16's?

Look at the pictures attached to this article, a big percentage of these guys are carrying M16’s. If memory serves, didn’t they used to carry Ak47’s? I wonder where in the world they could have gotten all of those M16’s?


I can’t tell from the small picture. I think I see at least one M4, second from the right. Maybe another two people to his left, but it looks like a carrying handle??? The rifle on the right looks like an M16 butt stock, but that barrel doesn’t look like an M16. Maybe something customized?

4 M4’s or variants and 5 AK’s on the picture. Looks like one AN/PVS-14 night sight. This makes me want to heave.


I think this might be a Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (SDM-R). It also makes me heave.


Let’s go Brandon Day in Afghanistan!
See a terrorist, be a terrorist! Only you can save the Taliban!
I wonder if they are having a sale on AK47’s, rocks, turbans, burkas, IED’s. Gotta be a BOGO on something!
They’re headed to the mall of Kabul,

If someone left me $85,000,000 in state of the art military equipment,
I’d be celebrating too!


These weapons may have been left behind with the fighter jets that the Biden administration gave the Taliban as gifts. Great possibility.