Taking the 🔴 Plunge

Took advantage of a cyber sale and decided it was time to take the plunge. This won’t be my EDC but I’m looking forward to training with a dot and seeing if it’s for me.



Can’t wait to hear what you like/don’t like about it Jeff!


I really like the two-color. Peanut butter and chocolate. Talon grips?
Nice looking trigger shoe, too.

I’m impressing with the Romeo optics. Enjoy!

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I like the two-tone look as well, my wife not so much… Been a huge fan of talon grips for a while. They ain’t lyin about “sticking to your guns”. Makes a huge difference when you running the gun all day. Also love Sigs flat trigger. Took some getting use to but I really like it.

I’m hoping to get to the range this weekend to zero it in and put some rounds down range and see what I think. May run it in a combative pistol class in a couple weeks to really see how I like it.


I’m gonna keep the dot for a while. I was very happy for the first time out.


You might like it enough to carry everyday. If you do or dont I would still suggest putting “suppressor” iron sights on it. That away if the electronics fail you can still see iron sights through optic.

Yes, my next step is to add suppressor height sights since I intend to keep it on. Still just a little skeptical about EDC, but I’m coming around a little.

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