Take Our Border Back

Gonzo333. I am half or more Native American. That doesn’t mean I’m belong here more than . Any other citizen. In this country. ! That . Was strange. Sir. Seriously. This is the American state’s for now?? :owl::feather::feather:. :cowboy_hat_face::lipstick::gloves:. If it don’t fit . You have to aquit. Humor. :gloves:🕵🏽‍♂

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I have to say, I know of no law enforcement agency or any special operators that draw with a finger on the trigger. I think I placed a video directly from USCCA that says never place your finger on the trigger unless your sights are on a well identified target!


Scott52. Sir thank you sir. I will not cut my holster. To expose my trigger. Seriously thank. You. Very very . Love Bobby Jean an. Debbie ann. :us::feather::feather::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::us:amen

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I believe “precis” would be a correct term. Indicating you have yet to read the exact bill and entirety. You have ,however, read precisely what was spoon fed your curiosity with no indication of follow through or further interpretation or even a precise wording of the bill. Perhaps you might verify your interpretation of the congressional hand picked wording you have read? I am not saying you are wrong exactly. Only that you have indirectly states that you, yourself, have not done any better than what you accuse of me.

I know several liberals that would dispute that. :rofl:


Hiya Gonzo it appears that you don’t understand the word precis.

The meaning of PRÉCIS is a concise summary of essential points, statements, or facts.

I’ve been told before that I may use my vocabulary to much. Let me load up my College to Troll :troll: translator.

Me tookum big wordy ting and smooshed it up, make smaller wordy ting then me red smaller smooshy ting to learnedd what um wordies and stuffes was in big wordy smooshy ting.

Did that help? Glad to be of service. It’s interesting that you want to grammar Nazi rather than discuss the truth behind the statement. Not sure how your Congressman does things, mine sent me a copy of the bill and attached a summary/precis of the bill. However it was attached to a copy of the bill. You quite evidently do not understand what a precis is used for.

Troll on :troll:.


Hahahahahaha! ROFLMAO! You too good Fer me big boy! I’m sure you have problems with many people trying to help you by believing YOU must put them down rather than grasp the actual conversation. We’ll, I don’t have anymore crayons to help explain because I donated them to the grade school just last year. So Haste’ le Vista baby!!

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Scott 52 SIR do you have any Roulades. I got hick ups . When I ate the green crayons . Gozo. Was so proud of. And sir thank you for your service. Sir. We have to stop FEEDING THE TROLLS :troll:. :poop:. GOZO. No Root beer .!! For him. !! Let give him one more m.r.e. :poop::100::troll:just to be kind love . Bobby Jean. TRUMP. For PRESIDENT. :us::bangbang:here’s you a root beer :beer: .SIR. We are finally finding out what the dims have been doing . And they are saying they will leave the country it president TRUMP IS ELECTED :us::100::bangbang:. They better. . KAZ he knows what or should I say fire. When he is BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE.:100::us::bangbang:WOOHOO.:partying_face::us::us::us::100::100::100::drum:. DRAIN THE SWAMP. Dry. This TIME. Sir . Love ya .SIR.:us::100:

Gonzo.!! Your crayons are by the old oak. Tree. With your mre. Din din din :poop::poop::poop::troll:TROLL. Dims. Can’t have guns they voted . To have . Their second amendment taken away!!! :troll::poop:. :100::balance_scale::poop:LOVE Bobby Jean . Here’s a little snack :poop::troll::bangbang:k I care about you have some more din din :poop::poop::poop::bangbang:K. Gozo :troll::balance_scale::drum::violin::100::poop::poop::bangbang: