Tactical Tuesday: One-handed training during ammo shortage?

Maybe you’ve slipped on the ice and injured your hand, maybe you sprained your wrist during a game of indoor volleyball at the local gym, or you have arthritis in your non-dominant hand. All of these situations can leave you at a disadvantage when defending yourself if you haven’t trained one-handed.

We’ve talked about different aspects of one-handed training in the Community:

With the current ammo shortage, how do you train for one-handed self-defense?

My EDC - dry fire with laser… and .22LR handgun at the Range.

I started using my browning 1911/22. Ammo is way cheaper and I have a bit more of that to practice with.

@Dawn, what’s ice, or indoor sports? :slight_smile:

There are plenty of dry fire exercises one can do if ammo is running low.

Maybe it’s not as fun as getting range time, but it seems to me that a well-rehearsed draw and trigger squeeze are as important as anything else if you need to defend yourself.

I practice with my Sirt laser gun at home and when I do get to go out and walk 2 miles in the 3 feet of snow up the hill bare footed to go shooting I have 10 shots at 4 yards then 10 shots at 7 yards and 10 shots at 10 yards just like I practice at home.