Tactical Tuesday: Math problems?

Word problems in algebra are enough to give most students (and a lot of adults) stress. So it’s not surprising that about 50% of of the US has a math phobia.

But, we can use the pressure brought on by simple math problems to improve our shooting! How? Check this out:

How would this affect your training?


I like math. Now, the wife asking me to help her pick out an outfit, that gives me cold sweats. Work that into a drill and that would be pressure. :wink:

Good drill. I have to try this once…
Thanks God he requested “substract 4” only :wink:

I won’t try this…

Simple math shouldn’t affect me.

:ok_man:La la la la la la la la
A was a math minor in undergrad. Law school eliminated my ability to do even simple math. Except calculating fees!

On a serious note. It is a great idea (or something similar) for doing shoot/no shoot training.

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I am a math fan by nature. I can’t write a sentence but I can add. I’m anxious to try this and see how it goes.

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