Tactical Tuesday: Clear Type 1 Malfunction with 1 Hand

Mike Brickner is not going gangster with the way he is holding the firearm in this video. :grin:

A slight cant is a common adjustment for the sights and to manage recoil when shooting one-handed as it aligns with natural body mechanics.

How do you train for clearing a type 1 Malfunction 1 handed? Do you hold your firearm at a slight angle when shooting 1-handed?


I use my belt and rear sight to chamber a round. I only seem to shoot with a cant when shooting with my support hand. I probably should practice that more.

IMHO if I am down to a one handed shoot, there is either something in my other hand that is more valuable than putting two hands on the pistol (small child comes to mind) or I am hit. That said if I need to clear a malfunction I am going to protect my “cargo” and go to ground (squat/kneel) which allows me the option of racking the slide off my belt/holster or boot heel or bringing the pistol center for more attention. Probably going to stuff in a full magazine if in this scenario since I am down and encumbered instead of going through a malfunction drill. If I am hit, then I am looking to break contact, sometimes the fastest way to do that is “through” the fight.

Shooting one handed on a cant is a point shooting technique useful for contact to 3 yard shots beyond that your sights become more important unless you have a significant amount of training time invested in shooting that way. That said if that is what you have left, take it.



I would clear with what ever will grab the rear sight. As far as shooting from a slant, I was taught to hold centerline of target. Then double and triple taps the recoil rides up the body. From a slant, recoil takes you off target every shot.