Tactical Tuesday: Add pressure to your training

Training for our self-defense is missing something - a sense of urgency. We don’t’ know when an attack will happen or how our bodies will react to the added stress of the immediate need to react. Even in very life-like situations, we still are expecting something to happen.

While we cannot simulate the unknown of if or when an attack will happen, we can simulate some of the urgency when we use something like a dueling tree target:

How else do you simulate the urgency of a self-defense incident?


Timed drill, if range will let you, do jumping jacks or run in place.

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I set-up a dry fire scenario in my home with my G-Sight laser system. Then I work out until I am completely exhausted. Then I immediately work my dry fire drill. It is amazing how your reaction time slows and your marksmanship suffers under duress. But the more I train this way the better I get.

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As @John150 said -> timed drill. I’ve add reloads to this and shorten time between target’s moves. I’ve found reloading very hard in these conditions :grimacing: I don’t have any problem during dry fire… but adding life ammo (and of course more stress) changes everything :face_with_raised_eyebrow: