Tactical and Legal Analysis on NM incident?

What if it is something more sensitive than silly old statue, or someone’s storefront. For the sake of argument, imagine that looters came to the gates of water treatment plant or fuel refinery. There is no police. A group of armed citizens are guarding the place, as aggressive mob gets in their face. Are the citizens in legal jeopardy?

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With Michelle Lujan-Grisham in the Round House, yes, I think they are in danger. I hope the courts are more independent than I think they are up there. If not for this, they will find something.


I will respectfully, disagree with this. It is his 1st Amendment protected right to peaceful assembly and protest. In the exercise of that right, he was also exercising his 2nd Amendment protected right to keep and bear arms. Where it seems you and I agree, is that he shouldn’t have initiated a physical confrontation with the people trying to knock down the statue.

In my limited legal knowledge, I foresee a charge of aggravated battery, for the physical confrontation for sure. The weapons charges will depend how impartial the jury is, or is not.

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With great firepower comes great responsibility.
I may decide to exercise my 1A right and be where the left are assembling. But, once I discharge a firearm because I feared for my life, whether it qualifies as self-defense or not is no longer up to me.
Everyday, I wake up and hope I’m old enough to understand what Kenny Rodgers was singing about.



In NC, I am prohibited by law from carrying across picket lines or during demonstrations. GS 14-277.2. Not only is it illegal to do so, it would be stupid for me to do so.

It’s no secret that these protests have been violent. Baca most certainly fired in self-defense, however he displayed a shocking lack of common sense. As CC permittees, we are held to a much higher standard than Antifa protesters. Fair? No. But I don’t think this will end well for Baca.


The Epoch Times is reporting that he did not have a concealed carry permitt, so yeah. He’s in trouble. Murder charges have been dropped though.

NM requires a conceal carry permit to carry a rifle? :thinking:

Baca had a pistol. The “militia” people had rifles. He was unaffiliated.

Ah, I see. Thanks.