T4E Marker Pistol

Has anybody used the T4E style pistols for training?
They claim to have 3x the recoil of an airsoft gun, but not sure how effective it is compared to live firing.
They look interesting and not terribly expensive.
I am looking for input from people who have actually used one.



Well, I found the S&W Compact model for sale at $175.00 and took the plunge. Will report how it is.
Can work on draw and target acquisition safer, even in the house. Planning on doing some angle checks inside. Should be fun. Hope the wife doesn’t get too mad LoL…


Took delivery today.
First impressions: Outside of the grip being longer, dimensionally it is exactly the same size as our S&W MP9 2.0 compact. Fits in the holsters just fine.
Sights are exactly the same except rather than white dots they are orange.
A little lighter than the real thing, but heavy enough. No real recoil, but the slide does move back on each shot to give a little bit of an effect.
I like this over just dry fire. Gives more feedback than dry fire, and you can see if you are screwing up your aim.
Now we can spend alot more time getting shots on target while drawing from holster in our backyard. So far I am happy with it.
Another tool for the toolbox