Switching Between Weapon Formats

Metal or poly & hope you can find one. Nice weapon either way

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This one is all metal, the frame is an alloy, feels heavy enough to keep the recoil manageable. It certainly can’t be worse than my .40 Shield.

The shop that I’m getting it from specializes in CZs, and has a good layaway policy.


I’ve heard this is not a good idea in the off chance the safety accidentally gets engaged and then the gun doesn’t go bang.

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In such case it’s better to remove safety lever to avoid accidental ON


My issue right now, is I would like to get a blue gun to practice certain things in the garage that I wouldn’t feel safe practicing with my actual gun in the house (I am very strict about where and how I do dry fire).

BUT the blue guns don’t have safeties. Well they do, but they don’t move, they just stay in the in position. I don’t want to create bad habits and start taking out the process of disengaging the safety.

Maybe I could practice with a blue gun, but not practice the draw. This limits training, but would mean I wouldn’t be building the habit of not disengaging the safety on draw.

:wink: You have just found the best dry fire practice - use your everyday tool to train with… :metal:

I train with real tool. Safety lever can be tricky if you don’t write its existence in your mind.
I do operate the safety every single time I press out. This should be the only moment to put safety to OFF position.

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Airsoft gun may be an option for you. I haven’t specifically looked for your model, but I know you can find pretty realistic replicas. Their safety would be functional if so. Just a thought/possibility.


Just wanted to follow up on here. Those that have interacted with me on here know I’m a big M&P guy.

I’ve gotten my hands on a lot of different guns over the past few months. What I’ve found is sticking with the same line of firearms gives me a lot of security. I feel very at home with my self defense tools. I own a M&P 9 without a Manuel safety, and I feel extremely comfortable with it (especially after shooting the shield 45). I have a couple more M&Ps I lost in a boating accident too.

All M&Ps (the 2.0 series especially), be it full size, shield, compact, sub compact, everything is the same for me. Grip angles triggers, mag releases, etc. I train %95 of the time with my shield 45 because that is my edc, and it’s slightly less forgiving and has the Manuel safety. If I switch from the 45 to my other M&Ps, I have 0 issues.

When I pick up a Glock, the magazine release is off to me and I have to slightly turn the gun in my hand, I don’t have to do that with my M&Ps. The 365 and hellcat have great ergos but I like more meat to my guns. The Manuel safety on the p365s does not disengage for me because the ambi side runs into my knuckle and it’s also slightly too small. The 1911 (which I will own one day) has its mag release in a different spot, and is a very different gun (though funny enough probably closer than most to me).

All of these things could be trained out of, BUT
There’s no reason for me to veer from my M&Ps with all of the time I have with them. (I’m sure I’d feel the same devotion to Glock, Sig, or 1911 if that’s what I’d have been using over the years).

That being said, I think it’s also good to learn other weapon platforms. I feel confident I could work with any gun I could get my hands on. However, if we’re talking my personal defense tools, I like to stick with the M&Ps :man_shrugging:t2:.


If you stick to what you’re comfortable with your more likely to carry it which is the point. Went from a LC9S to a Hellcat for the increased capacity. Size wise they are nearly identical and notice no difference when carrying but weight difference is very noticeable. Took a couple of weeks of EDC to get used to it but after that it’s now comfortable. Biggest thing was the drawer full of holsters, aaarrrggghhh. I’m very thin and used a Versa clip on the LC9S which is very minimalistic but kept it from printing but after a couple of years it has marked the case. Went with a Vetter Kevlar which I’m happy with.

If you can’t find an identical gun look for matching controls. I have H&K P30 firearms with paddle (euro) magazine releases. I train and shoot often with a Walther P22 which has similar controls. There are minor difference in the slide release but finding controls that are similar for training can be extremely beneficial for muscle memory.

Why the Walther for training? Ammo is cheaper and I can run 200+ rounds at the range and not feel guilty. If they had a P30 in 22LR I’d use that. :slight_smile:

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Never heard of it.

SKU: 365XL-9-BXR3-MS

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I actually hate the 365 safety. It’s ambidextrous, and my hand blocks the safety on the right side. (I hope that makes sense). I’ve moved away from safeties, but if I get one I’d prefer just a right handed safety (sorry @Jerzy :sweat_smile:)


You don’t need to be sorry. We use the system that works best for us.
I somehow started with thumb safeties and kept going with them. I would probably be OK without those… but I don’t want to change my habits. The safety is always under my thumb on every handgun I own…
The worst what could happen to me is Shield thumb safety… which is so small than I could treat is as not existing one…

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I completely understand that. I think the main reason I like the shield safety is because I’ve just spent a lot of time with it :sweat_smile:. Im actually not a huge fan of the 9mm shield safety, the 45, being a bit bigger, had the safety in the perfect place for my thumb knuckle. The safety itself is also a little bigger and harder to miss.

I do really like the M&P 2.0 safety that we’ve talked about in other threads. That ones ambidextrous, but it doesn’t give me any issues. Of all the polymer safeties, that has been my favorite.

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