Suspected shooter at Mercedes-Benz plant had no firearm licence - police

I can’t find it now, but there was a recent conversation concerning constitutional carry, and whether letting just anyone have a firearm would lead to more crime.

Anecdotally, here’s a case in the news where an employee had no permission to own a firearm (because there’s no right to keep and bear arms in Germany), but somehow he got one and killed his co-workers, anyway.

Licensing and permits aren’t a cure-all.


This suggests… a black market for guns exists in Germany??? Impossible!


This is just another example of America’s problem w/ the ‘Anti-gun-left’ It isn’t just about more Law’s, Law’s,Law’s to keep us from our God given RIGHT to BEAR ARMS. This is about their not so secret agenda
to Control, disarm and Neuter our population. Turn us into compliant/emasculated sheep. Then the Master plan is depopulation and s0cialist/Marxist rule. It’s really quite diabolical. To think that any Gubment is attempting to make it’s people safer and protected is like putting on a condom AFTER you just had sex.


I use to think that also. The agenda thing not the condom. The agenda is to reduce guns. I know the way to reduce guns is to reduce criminal gun violence. I word violence sets off an emotional reaction that makes a rational reaction more difficult. Anti-gun people lump criminal gun violence and life saving/defensive violence into one.(violence) Politicians know this, so in order to get elected they pray on people’s emotions to get elected. Which make our problem of encouraging people to be responsibly armed more difficult. If more people knew the difference between gun violence and criminal gun violence it would make our job less difficult.

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Gotta wonder where the millions of small arms produced for WWI and WWII ended up.

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