SurvivalBlog Quits Amazon

James Wesley Rawles announced today that he is quitting the Amazon Associates program.
This was a big step for him as he explains, just as it was for our business and our personal lives.
We hung it up with Amazon 2 weeks ago, reducing their revenue by about $2k to $3k a month.

It’s important to read this article from the post below, and it’s one of my “morning coffee click ons”.

This is the guy that initially got us into prepping.


Who is this guy? He looks like an end of times wack job. He may be okay but he has an enormous list of terminologies Incase of a nuclear Holocaust.

He’s got the right and reason to quit Amazon, be offended by Amazon, and call on others to quit Amazon as well.
I am not big on boycotts. Amazon, however reprehensible their policies may be, employs thousands of people, who have no say in these policies, and are there to simply make a buck and go home to their families. It makes sense to favour your local retailers, and less woke commercial entities. Just don’t go out of your way for the boycott, cause you know it is pride talking.


Well, I’ve started buying directly from retail stores. But I can’t stop the rest of my family from buying through Amazon. My favorite show goes through Amazon. I’ll have to cancel the service and pay for the since subscribing new app. But I still love The Expanse, Hannah, etc.

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I prefer to shop at local mom and pops, then box stores, then online. Sometimes you just can’t avoid shopping somewhere.