Suppressor thoughts

I did a little math based on a 16" 5.56 barrel. All theoretical as the suppressor has not yet been manufactured. Awaiting stamp.

Muzzle pressure: ~7400psi
Barrel volume excluding chamber: .72"

7075 Suppressor tube:
Yield strength: 63000-69000. We’ll use 63000.
Diameter: 2.00"
Wall: .0625

Spacer specs:
Length: 1.5
Inside radius: 1.625
Volume: 3.11"
Spacer wall: .1875

Combined wall thickness: .250
Working pressure of combined material: 10500psi, but we’ll say half of that, because safety.

The interior of the expansion chamber is 4.319 times more volume than the barrel. If muzzle pressure is ~7400psi, the pressure in the expansion chamber will be ~1713.360psi. Well within the theoretical working pressure of the aluminum suppressor.

Edited to add yield strength and edit working pressure of combined material thickness.

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Looks like you have done the math and have a good margin of safety. I’ll sit at the bench beside you and be your spotter any day!

I’m curious about your source for muzzle pressure? I like having multiple sources for cross checking.

Do you load your own ammunition?


There was a study, EFFECTS OF BARREL LENGTH ON BORE PRESSURE, PROJECTILE VELOCITY and SOUND MEASUREMENT, by Phillip H. Dater M.D. of gemtec and Jason M. Wong of Firearms law group.

The pdf was too big to upload here. Basically they marked a 24" barrel at every inch starting 5" from the chamber. Then drilled a 2mm hole every inch and plugged all but the hole at the muzzle. They used a piezoelectric sensor to measure the pressure at the muzzle hole, then cut off at the inch mark, and repeated at every inch.

I don’t reload, but I have reloaded shotgun shells in the past.

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Thanks for sharing.


No worries. Glad to share anything useful that I find :+1:

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To anyone that finds this thread and decides to fabricate the type of item discussed… Please do it the right way. Submit your form 1 and receive approval before starting the manufacturing process. Note: no one in this thread is responsible for any equipment damage, legal repercussions, death, or injury resulting in the use of information on this thread. Thanks,


What is the projected turn around for the stamp? What are you looking at weight wise on the can?


As of last month, 29 day turnaround on the stamp. As for the gross weight before any modification of design is ~15oz and some change. Please note that that is an approximation, as the components have not yet been manufactured. That said, I had a conversation with a member of the community that is knowledgeable on the principle of the project, in which he suggested a steel sleeve in the expansion chamber and steel muzzle side cap in substitution of the aluminum material in the current design. I haven’t gotten the raw material for that yet to know an approximate weight, but it will be slightly heavier. When the manufacturing stage starts, I would also have to cut down the original baffle design with a step groove, and step the steel sleeve so they overlap. I haven’t figured out an effective way to do that, so we’ll see if it happens. Disclaimer: Dear ATF, this project has not entered the manufacturing stage, as I am waiting for a stamp. I have raw materials, but no machined parts. Thanks.


Replacing aluminum with steel probably a good idea. The repeated heat/cool cycles would likely affect the temper of the aluminum, making it brittle.