Support for stricter gun laws falls to lowest point since 2016 article


Not shocking. I train a lot of new gun owners and ALL of them express their surprise/annoyance once they understand how tough the process to get a CC License and buy guns is. Most are first time gun buyers and they all admit to have been fooled by the fake news and the political party that had them convinced you could buy guns on the internet.



Not to get too preachy here but, especially with our apparent incoming administration…

It’s not enough to simply NOT support stricter gun laws…We (and all of those hundreds of thousands of new gun owners) need to ACTIVELY OPPOSE stricter gun laws…(e.g. we need to be active not just passive)

We need to write emails to our elected officials advising them of that opposition, and then we need to vote accordingly (even if the candidate doesn’t check 100% of the boxes).

We need to join the NRA, GOA, NAAGA etc and support them in their efforts to curb continued infringement of our rights.

We need to work to provide good examples to the anti-2A crowd what responsibly armed citizens are, being respectful, articulating our pro 2A points, being safe so we don’t provide them anecdotal evidence of accidents.

The next 4yrs will require more than just “not supporting” stricter gun laws.

All IMO…end rant.


The left is buying guns and starting to understand the value of that right. The first company or business that markets to them is going to succeed big time because right now they have to go into right wing strongholds to get the products and training they need…
That said… All of our 2a rights are safe when we all care about our 2a rights… We are getting there! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well… technically, you can … But we know what you meant.


I assumed everyone here knew what I meant. They think it’s like Amazon Prime…


I hope hope you’re right @Michael726…I really do.

But in case you’re not…let’s hope they bought enough guns and are willing enough to turn them in that if they do a Federal ban/confiscation that they overwhelm the system and never make it to any “hold-outs.” :wink:

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