Super vell ammo opinions

Super Vel ammunition is one o f the only companies I have been able to find that is regularly placing ammo for sale on line and notifying customers when that will happen.

I have made a few purchases, but was wondering if other USCCA members have tried it and what they think. I am mostly concerned about their 9mm +P self defense rounds … 90 /115 grain HP and 115 grain SCHP. Anyone using their stuff?


Actually that is the ammo currently loaded in all my carry mags right now, I have went out and tested it and it shoots extremely well in my handguns. I am waiting to get out again to test it in my Pcc’s for accuracy and reliability. I did notice they had a price increase recently though. I’m using the 9mm 115 +p schp.

Have you tried the 115 grain SCHP out of a Glock 43X by chance?

I have run it through my 43x MOS and my G19 Gen5. It has been extremely accurate and for a +P round it is actually very soft shooting.

Looks nice. My carry pistols have have always been the G19 & G26. I recently purchased the G43X and that thing just melted into my hand. It is, without a doubt, the pistol that best fits my hand, and I’ve tried many. Now I’m on a mission to find a good carry round. I will definitely put some of the Super Vel 115 grain +P SCHP through it. They look very similar to the Corbon DPX rounds.

They are for all intents and purposes the same round.