Sun, Fun, Water and Guns, Part 1: Carrying at the Beach | USCCA

Let me begin by admitting that I have never really been one for the beach. I don’t like the scorching temperatures. I certainly don’t like being hot and sweaty in said scorching temperatures. Having almost drowned twice in my life, I don’t really do big bodies of water much either. And I am just not a big fan of getting sand stuck all over me, my clothes, my family, my vehicle and just about every item I own — for all of eternity!

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First off I’m with you on beaches, sun, hotness, flesh eating, ameba, sharp shells, humidity, the list goes on.

But, I do go, and sit under an umbrella or palm tree with my kindle and a cooler full of diet pop.
I wear like… 5.11 tac/cargo shorts with my belt and full complement of EDC stuff.

I guess you could say, “I’m security” so that way the rest of the sheep can splash around in the water enjoying “Condition White”.