Stricter Gun Laws Less Popular in U.S


On the King channel Chuck Todd stated that through the ruling of Rittenhouse that people are going to think they can defend their selves with guns. :crazy_face: Ironic isn’t it?


There is no need for new laws, just enforce the laws that are already on the books everything is pretty much covered.


So 'splaine this to me Lucy.

Murder is THE worst crime one can commit which is ignored by, take your pick - gang banger - mass shooter - the killer another single human being.

The penalty for murder does not get worse but those in charge think more laws will deter people who have no fear of retribution for murder.

What am I missing?

We are so doomed.


Good morning Mitch. I don’t think that legislators really believe that more laws do anything with regard to deterrence. Legislators love re-election and media attention and the two must co-exist. They sponsor and pen more proposed laws not to make a difference really, but to appeal to a base that votes for them and sends their campaign coffers funding.

The very best days for regular citizens in this Country are when our legislators are deadlocked or back in their districts. Because every time a new law is written and passed, another right is taken away from us.

Just my two cents.

Stay safe out there.


My thoughts exactly. Murder is illegal. You could murder someone with one shot to the chest. You can’t murder someone with one punch to the chest. Wouldn’t that imply, beating someone to death took more effort, and determination? Shouldn’t the penalty for beating someone to death be greater than shooting them?
This shalt not commit murder is as far as that law needs to go. The object, be it hands, a ball bat, or a firearm is just a tool.




Drove up to Chicago this week - (I live in NW Indiana now where they love guns) police presence is invisible - even where they used to hang for lunch - that’s why Chicago is consumed with total lawlessness - IMHO


I lived in Chicago most of my life ( all but when I was in the Army and the 7 or 8 years now living in the south ), Chicago has always been a lawless city even with most cops there. My growing up there I had more trouble coming from cops than most gangs in the neighborhood.


George Soros has spent millions on giving to left-wing progressive candidates for district attorney positions across the country in an effort to advance his radical criminal reform agenda. The massive donations have given these progressive candidates significant advantages in their local races, and many of them have been elected.

These left-wing progressive district attorneys’ policies have significantly reduced prosecution rates, leading to predictable increases in violent crimes and a lack of justice for the victims. Kim Foxx in Chicago is one of Soros recipients.

It must be nice to live in a Soros, Bloomberg and other billionaire bubble totally unaffected by the harm they cause spreading their chump change around. They remain well insulated from the real problems faced by the general population, even the ones they initiate. These people are not Patriots and the more they stir up dissent, the more people will see the need to defend themselves.

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Yeah I get that, best guess is Leo’s get jaded after awhile. Seeing what they see everyday, hard to remain fair to some folks. Not an easy life for them either.


Not surprising as one has to understand that the majority of the population are in urban areas and most urban areas are highly democratic. We are moving towards the majority is pushing for laws where the surface area is the minority controlling the majority areas. Not sure how our founding fathers would look at this perspective.

Electoral College for the presidential elections and equal representation in the Senate. You are making the argument for electoral colleges on the state level due to the inequity of small, concentrated areas making laws for the vast areas of the states controlled by the less populous.


Unfortunately Chicago is the tail that wags the Illinois dog. That’s why the organized activist groups go to the larger urban areas in each state to stir up protests/riots and get national attention. None of this is by accident or spontaneous and they take advantage of the people they have turned into dependents with all the government programs.

The concept of a state level Electoral College that @Dave17 mentioned might be an interesting solution. If the urbanites look around at the carnage created by the riots/protests, the increase in crime and say they have had enough. Another solution would be if they say we want the freedom to provide for our own protection, with a legal firearm. That would put the criminals on notice, along with the activists that are complicit in the destruction.


I think they need to make prisons someplace you don’t want to be. They have it better in prison then a lot of them have on the out side so they don’t mind being in prison. We didn’t have that problem a bad when I was young because if you shot someone and they had good proof you did it you was put to death.