Straight Outta COMPTON!

And let’s NEVER forget while all this Distraction and Influence Peddling, .gov deception, Ukraine, Hamas
‘Protests’, Palestinian ‘support’ groups that we STILL have our VERY OWN BLM ‘Support Groups’!! Funny that they were predicted by ‘Experts’ to disappear after the TOP TIER of the BLM is now standing accused of STEALING major amounts of .gov…um…FUNDING and ‘Progre$$ive’ support. I guess the Poor leaders really needed their Reparations’ NOW before any of their followers needed a Mansion, FAT Bank accounts, Chauffer’s and Limo’s just to ease their sufferings. So they can continue the fight against America and the Capitalist American’s that have CONSTANTLY kept them down.

YES folks don’t touch that dial, they haven’t gone away. they were just biden-ing their time for the spotlight to once again befall them. When the time was right in between Potential WARS, Friendly Migrant Invasions Sanctuary City melt downs , died down, NOW a BAKERY is swarmed and Looted by an infestation of Locusts. Oh, so sad it’s once again their own they chose to destroy. Same as it ever was. When I was assigned to a protect a couple of really wonderful Black American’s who chose to work hard, Make a name for themselves, never ask for a hand out put themselves both through school and become Fantastic Lawyers (I am serious, No tongue in cheek, No snark here). THEN as they were climbing the ladder to Success they were accused of ‘SELLING OUT’ to White America. They gave/Donated MILLIONS to their support of the Their own, then the LA Mobs, The Extremists and BLM (oh sorry is that redundant? Mea Culpa!) Decided to Target them! Isn’t that special.
These people are the salt of the earth as some use to say. They didn’t live in a Mansion, They DID live in a gated community because of the rising crime rates at that time. And when the Riots exploded! and People were beaten and killed , whole communities destroyed, burned to the ground they asked an old Military friend for some protection. Groups answered the call. Not one said 'Hey, they are black? Hey I can’t do this? People showed up because an injustice was being perpetrated on Excellent people who gave a sh** about their fellow men and Women. By the way these same people donated to Clinics, Shelters, Hospitals, training of Police Officers and Miracle of Miracles it wasn’t just Black people!
It was all donated/pledged to all races, colors, ethnicities, Chinese American’s, African Americans and the HORROR White-Americans! How dare they! SELL OUTS!
I am pleased to report even as it was suggested Millions of times for them to get the hell outta Dodge
they NEVER Budged. They Never faltered, they stuck to their Guns (Literally), they Trained up! They accepted that Money while very useful wouldn’t stop Bullets. They are CCW holders (w/ Insurance–I said they were smart) and they didn’t risk losing it all JIC–Just in case they had a Shoot. These fabulous people should be in the WH! Some posting that means something. Ambassador’s or Climate Czar’s… (Now THAT was a dig! :rofl:) They could teach these Liberals/Progressives a thing or Million about Equality, Color Blinded sensible Inclusion. I Just got a letter from them Yesterday saying they offered to put their Young Son to ANY College he wanted ( Straight A’s, 5.0 avg) and you know what he chose?
Wait for it!..
He chose THE MILITARY! Not a Rich person/ .gov lettered Commission! he’s going to start off a Boot! A GRUNT!
And by GOD I pray he is a ‘Chief of staff’ or General one day! Lead from the Front! No one left behind.
I Feel like a Proud Dutch UNCLE Today. Honest to Goodness. Goodness flows out of this young man’s pores. he is a TRUE BLUE Red Blooded I Love American Gentleman.
There is HOPE for the upcoming Generations (you may have to look hard sometimes but it’s there).
We NEED to give them the start they EARNED!
The Start they deserve
A Chance to take the BALL and NOT drop it like the current ‘people’ in place today.
I Am trying to be careful here, Almost Diplomatic (and a tad snarky, I can’t help it) :upside_down_face:
I want this post to go through, I want you all to understand we NEED all these kids to Succeed where many haven’t even given a damn or cared even less. (Just a side note, he could have ANY car he wanted, a Beemer, A ‘JAG’ :rofl:, He chose a CAMARO! (‘RS’ of course, souped up (a little) but Gorgeous!)
I don’t intend to hand over the Key’s to this KINGDOM, until this ship is righted.
They need a Fighting chance at keeping our friends (Like Israel) close and our Enemies closer!
He and many others believe in the Constitution, 2nd Amendment (hell all of them), Equality and JUSTICE for all!
(Cue karacal and the Long haired kid saluting!)
GOD Bless America.
Stand up American’s
Evil is in da House!
FREEDOM doesn’t end with us.

So ends the sermon for today,
Where We Go 1 We Go ALL!
Don’t Tread on us!




"Close enough Brother, Close enough!’ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I hate this happens to small business owners…Buuuuut they voted for this crap and are now living the choices made!!


I often wonder for how long voting fraud has been entrenched in Commiefornia. If the 2020 election is any guide, I estimate half a century of sophistication.


Guarantee early release to prisoners in exchange for their votes? :thinking:


Your Posts are getting so cynical in the New Year…

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