Stock market stocks/ next covid 19 check

I don’t know if this belongs in this section, yet, just as an FYI, I hope you all are looking at purchasing firearm stocks (stock market). Ruger, Smith and Wesson? Just thought you all might want to make some money for that future high end firearm fast?
Also with all that is going on, a stock was brought to my attention less then lethal from a fellow instructor/officer, wrap technologies. It is not a stun gun it shoots a bolo that literally ties you up. No shock. Food for though.
Great way to make your money work for you!


Thanks @James322 I already own both and bought more a while ago. Watch them carefully and while I think they have more room to go as we get closer to the election, keep in mind that right now, they are very close to their 52 week highs. Right now, we are seeing the boost from the pandemic buying.


Absolutely! Yet I do believe the wrap technologies stock with all going on will keep going up, I think police Dept. Will start to phase out tasers and go with this new technology


Take a look at Vista Outdoor (VSTO) - Federal, CCI, Speer, Blazer ammo, as well as many other outdoor/shooting sports brands that most of you will know.

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