Stinchfield's commentary on Biden as a national security risk

I had not previously heard of this man, who has a show on Americas voice news. He evaluates (breaks down) one biden speech from last week. It’s worth a watch.


Such an unfit, disaster trying to lead a Nation that’s suppose to be the strongest Nation in the world. SAD!! And this is who people (sheep) want as a leader? NOT US TRUE AMERICANS, LETS VOTE OUT THIS person so he can retire to his nursing home.


Thank you Ron (43x, not Ron150, although thank you also for being a USCCA member! :rofl:, Just being a Joker here!)

But I don’t need to see/Read (BUT I DID!) Skid Mark’s antic’s in the WH-- which in my opinion should be turned into a Waffle house and Migrant Detention and execution Facility!—Better to serve WE THE PEOPLE)
He is a Disaster because the Master’s behind the Puppets WANT a DISASTER!
These Cretin’s NEED people (Sheep) SCARED!
They need TERROR!
They need the THREAT of DJT’s ‘Make America Great Part DEUX’ to be FRIGHTENING!
Pudding’s going to LOSE! But another puppet will be INSTALLED in his place to carry the NWO script.
But Grant Stinchfield and the gateway Pundit, The Western Journal and Others are Vital to get out the messages to the People! So, thanks again Ron for delivering the message.

WE need to throw the Baby ‘B’ out with the soiled diaper!

Mi dos pesos