Still getting abused with mail-in voting

PA just had an election for Supreme Court Judge.
PA votes RED in 55 out of 66 counties.
More PA counties vote RED by total square miles (39,975 vs. 5314)
More PA counties voted RED in person on election day than Democrats (730,120 vs. 664,541)
But guess what? The DEM incumbent won. Why is that?
In the 11 counties the DEM won, “MAIL IN” ballots as a percentage of “total votes” were off the charts.
PA County Results.pdf (36.2 KB)

I call bull$h!t.


Could it be all these immigrants that have crossed our borders voting democrat sending in mail-in ballots? They are NOT going to PHISICALLY show up in person at our polling places. :thinking: This will be the only way Pudding Pants can win come the real election day. What a set-up. Hopefully cheaters never win.


It’s not really bullshit. Those were state wide elections. The election results track PA political demographics. PA has 8.7 million active voters registered. 45 % of those are Democrats. 40 % GOP. The remaining percentages are minor parties and movements. There is no reason to suspect mail -in voting was a problem in this election. When it was investigated in 2020 there was no evidence of widespread voter malfeasance discovered. The votes matched the population data. The total square miles of counties voting red doesn’t matter. People vote not acres. The most densely populated counties in PA (as most places) are cities. More diverse cosmopolitan areas trend Democrat, or at least more liberal than less populated rural counties. Again, acres don’t vote, people do. As a hypothetical, imagine ten counties of 10 people vote red and two counties of 300 vote blue on issue or candidate then the blue candidate or issue wins as 600 > 100.
I’m not from PA but given the majority of registered voters favor dems (45% > 40%) any statewide GOP candidate that has to win a plurality of the states vote is going to have to be someone just right of center to win converts from dems, or convince Democrats it is safe to stay if they are dissatisfied with the Dem candidate. Just reading over Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio. In statewide elections where more Dems are likely to be voting overall than GOP voters, Carluccio and any other justices running had a lot of work cut out for them. This is especially true given that abortion access and court action as it relates to abortion is on everyone’s mind. Here, it is almost certainly likely that many GOP voters crossed party lines and voted for the candidates they thought would preserve abortion access. This happened in Ohio where many in the GOP voted with the Dems to preserve access to abortion in Ohio.

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Yeah, and the whole state can get out and vote except for these 11 liberal bastions, that have to vote by mail. Not buying it.

Then there’s this:


More evidence of “vote flipping”.


Bill Barr Killed this investigation. The U.S.P.S. was in on the fraud.