Stepping on our constitutional rights


Just an idea, I propose the FOFA Act of 2024!
Not to mention the Balloon Act!
And the Stay out of my life Act
No taxes for you, if you don’t represent me act! Waaaiiit a minute!
We gave these people all the rope they needed to hang us! Time to cut the rope, or SCRAM, you had to be there… reference to a reactor SCRAM
Sam Cut Rope and Move! Or in layman’s terms Safety Control Rod Axe Man.


What exactly would the people and government of the people have done if they encountered a Brandon occupying the White House.

Isn’t Brandon trading honor and country for enemy gold? There’s a word for that. There’s a punishment for that!
Yet they claim the process for this punishment is emailing my representatives?

The second most notorious American turncoat, Brandon’s only real accomplishment! Let’s go Judas!
Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution…in addition to levying war…adherence to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

Tell me we haven’t seen this.
Let’s start with a pallet of cash in the middle of the night, billions in weapons, need I go on!
Shouldn’t the majority voice be heard over the minority? I’m confused. This is truly a slam dunk!

This used to mean something…


So did this…


FOFA? I need to be able to follow you before I can sympathize.

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OK not enough covefefe this morning, you follow?
We got Chinese spy ships flying all over the US and you can’t sympathize? We have two extremely serious problems in our country right now. An outright invasion from the south, a ground incursion, and an assault from the skies, from the largest threat on the planet!

If they are afraid to shoot it down now, what happens when they start shooting at us? I guarantee you, this administration will run and hide in fear of further antagonizing the enemy shooting at us.

FAFO! You surely don’t need me to spell it out?
I’m pretty sure you can follow, we are under attack, guess we are all just waiting to see blood? Is the rampant crime wave not enough blood?
So let me be clear, we’re F**k*d! And we’re doing the same thing we’ve done in past years, NOTHING!


I think I am going to put this on hold until I have time to catch up. I like the pic of the flag on the porch. It reminds me of my youth in the catskill mountains.


I thought it meant “Start Cutting Right Away Man!”
That’s what I was told back when I was but a youth…


Nothing has changed everything’s remained the same. Same sh#t different day.
Best I could come up with. That’s what I get for sitting around all day.


New day; I am on it. Thanks @Scott52 you helped me see the light.


@Robert1246 you must have gotten a good rest and a cup of coffee in ya.
glad to have you back