Statistics Tell the Story: Mass Killings are Very Rare

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Not surprised at all. Wish people would really stop and get informed on gun violence instead of believing whatever is pushed out by politicians


2017 doesn’t surprise me, this number is still higher than 2014, 2015.
What surprise me is the high numbers in 1970’s :roll_eyes: - “Dirty Harry” era :thinking:


No, the numbers don’t surprise me. It was a different media culture back then. They reported the news. They didn’t have agendas, Anchors had gravitas and generally speaking, told the public the truth.

We didn’t glorify maniacs for the most part, so there wasn’t the culture of “If it bleeds, It leads”. We waited a week, until on Friday night, before we reported on casualties in Vietnam. So the military, could notify next of kin, not find out from some breathless embed.

Yet with their still being all of the bad things back then that there are now. I felt safer then than I do now.

I know as a child my curfew was. I couldn’t come home until the streetlights came on. We rode our bikes everywhere. I can’t imagine doing that now. If my daughter played in the front yard , I was in the front yard.


Metrics can be designed to tell any tale you want.

And when the numbers tell the wrong story for the leftists, the make them up.