Stated down wrong end or been shot or both

I’m not trying to bring up bad memories, but was wondering if anyone else has a history like mine.

Walking out the pass road gate, I and a buddy of mine were held up. Nothing serious happened but my buddy was whipped and I was not. We were separated and met up at local pd. Both in Air Force tech school at the time.

The both side of this was colored by the previous experience. Was in a pharmacy drug store and broke up a robbery (was a close one and one about 18 inches) and was shot. The attitude of the dude triggered my instincts. Struggle triggered the shot.

I do not recommend or tell anyone they should do that.

15/16 years between incidents.

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When I lived in Oregon I was held up at gun point, I had nothing to give so I was let go. That guy was only looking for cash.

I was also stabbed a few weeks later by another guy because I didn’t have cash. Thankfully the knife was small and I was a lot bigger than he was, I may or may not have knocked said person clean out of his shoes.

^The things that genuinely started my armed self defense journey.

I hesitated posting (because I don’t want to be viewed as this being bragging) but yep…I was moonlighting at a gas/mart when I was much younger. Robbed at gunpoint and robber wasn’t satisfied with what was in the till and demanded I open the safe despite my telling him I didn’t have combo.

So I finally said ok and reached down like I was going to open the safe and came back up firing which by his verbal expression was a surprise to him. First shot hit his ribs and ricocheted into his right arm hitting nerves disabling him from being able to return fire. I’m quite sure that’s the only reason I survived drawing from the drop (and proof in my mind that God does exist). Three more of the 5 shots found center mass (fifth hit magazine rack).

Ended up not being a good day for him, but did put an end to the streak of robberies that had been occurring in the area (he was tied to two other armed robberies from the local area during his trial both of which resulted in the victims being pistol whipped.

Interesting how big the barrel looks when you’re on that side of it. It was a .380, but it might as well been a 10mm.

Unfortunately these were in polite society days, 74 and 91. Only bad guys carried, others did not talk. The 74 incident happened in Mis’sip and the other in Dallas.

Long before TX allowed carry.