State ordered stay at home

Hmm. We have a stay-home order effective today.
I of course read the actual order to see how they intend to enforce it if needed:
Being out without being so for one of the reasons listed as allowed, which are of course to obtain food, medical care etc., can cost an offender a 2nd degree misdemeanor, a $750 fine, or 90 days in jail, or both.

The order states enforcement will be by state and local LE.
I pray people who are otherwise law abiding citizens, like the 2A community, dont misbehave. And we who are in such situations need to remember that if we’re arrested for anything, not only does it go on record, but it’s a process to get ones inevitably confiscated carry gun back, not to mention jail time would suck.

Just a note to point out you can easily get a police record right now, for being uncooperative in your personal movements, armed or not. That would not look good if in the future you find yourself being prosecuted in a self-defense case…black mark against one’s character…

Ohio. Takes effect at 2100 this evening (9p EST) State added after 45IPAC’s comment :smiley:


What state is this?

Ohio. Takes effect at 2100 this evening (9p EST)

PS: I personally detest the governor ordering this, but it is solid logic behind it and theres empirical data to support it. I’d willingly cooperate with it had it been a suggestion, but not all ppl can do that easily, nor would they do it willingly.
The good news for Buckeyes is that the liquor business was deemed critical so we can at least go grab a bottle n have a few drinks at home here and there.
I personally ordered a bottle of bourbon on Saturday to avoid the public trip to a store, but it ended up costing $15 more and wont be here til Friday at best.


I go walk my dogs and ride my bike as much as I want in Central NY. They have told us we can exercise. I’d do it anyway if they said we couldn’t. It’s a very gray area and I’d be willing to fight it. I keep my distance at the specified minimum. If they ask us to wear a mask when out, I will.
When I need things from the grocery store, pet store or Lowes, I am quick about it. I don’t linger.


You haven’t been at home until now, @Smiddy? Were restaurants open as normal?

(BTW - hope you don’t mind that I added the state to your original comment :smiley: )

I did a quick google search and here’s what stage different states are at:


We voluntarily followed a 1st, less stringent order. We’ve had takeout 2 times from a dine in place that started a pickup service due to restrictions. Restaurants were ordered to close dining in services a while back…most did, some small ones didnt comply.

My family and I have, except for my son going to work at an essential business, have stayed home except for basic needs stuff like groceries, and we typically order & pickup groceries anyway, so no big deal since the service is still available, albeit with a longer lead time (was 1 day, now 3)…

No problem about adding my state ma’am :slight_smile:

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Ok then, I’d not looked at a national map for orders, just Covid cases, thx!

Looks like our order in Ohio has simply tightened up…it now includes driving restrictions that weren’t there before.
My major concern about this order is legal precedents that may be set as a result of its enforcement. Per state law, the governor is not out of line, and technically it’s the Health ppl issuing the order. The governor is ordering the enforcement…

I simply personally stopped taking orders when I took my uniform off for good…this civilian order therefore irks me a bit, but I’ll cooperate best I can. As with most, I simply want my wife and adult children to get through this safely. I can ensure our home’s physical safety at least. It’s their health I cant guarantee - I’m a good shot, but I cant hit germs even at 3 yards! :crazy_face:


I am so glad I went to the commissary last Friday. While we in Calif have been under house arrest for several weeks already, they are tightening up a bit more over time. Ultimately, it’s been a good thing.

Our county population is about 445,000 and so far have 192 infected and two deaths. When you do the math, that’s a ridiculously low percentage of victims against the entire county population.


I was just really curious to see what the different states were doing. ND and SD look like they’re still free to move around the state :slight_smile:

And I know a few people in here are from AZ and are doing some social distancing at their local outdoor ranges which have snakes… shudder

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Ohio has had a stay at home order. Gov. Dewine has been one of the most proactive governors around on this, and due to this, we are expecting to peak in the next couple of days.
Don’t hate on him, he’s hitting it out of the park for us Buckeyes.

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I agree. I’m smart enough to stay home, based on the situation. But, if you order it, and put us two steps from house arrest, I get PO’d.

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