Stand with Ukraine

Grains are not only for food and feed. Ethanol is from grain, too, an important product.

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Looks like this seems to be beyond my knowledge :speak_no_evil:

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Poland negotiates mass production of anti-tank ammunition (

Poland is negotiating the mass production of anti-tank ammunition with the American defense corporation Northrop Grumman Corp, according to Przemysław Kowalchuk, the vice president of the Polish ammunition manufacturer Mesko.

“At the moment, we are preparing for the transfer of technology and cooperation in the joint production with Northrop Grumman of a wide range of 120mm caliber ammunition,” he said.

According to him, the agreement with Northrop Grumman will be signed at the end of December this year or at the beginning of January 2024.

It is expected that this will allow for an increase in the annual production volumes of 120mm caliber ammunition in Poland from several thousand to 50-70 thousand.

One million artillery shells for Ukraine

In early May of this year, the EU Council supported an initiative to transfer one million artillery shells to Ukraine by the end of 2023.

Already on September 5, the European Defence Agency signed the first contracts for the joint procurement of artillery shells for our military. Ukraine is provided with 155mm shells suitable for the artillery of Western countries.

In September, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, stated that the EU would fulfill the promise of delivering one million shells to Ukraine by the end of the year.


I Pay Extra for fuel with out ethanol in it KAZ it makes my engine sick . I can remember when we would have to add lead to un leaded GASS KAZ the old Harley-Davidsons would not run with out adding leaded to un leaded they sold lead a dative so even now my iron block like’s 30 heavy oil no Synthetic oil


Brother putting corn in fuel was never good and it messed up our GASSOLINE and my engine’s Bobby Jean :bangbang::owl::feather::feather::us::chile::popcorn::beer::bangbang:

I think you drive an old Chevy like mine. They pre-date the ethanol in gas, and yeah, it’s hard on some of the fuel system parts. I destroyed a nice chainsaw with ethanol gas. I didn’t know it, but the fuel pickup line in the tank was rotting from the ethanol, and it started running lean. It got hot, didn’t have enough lube flowing via the fuel, and melted the piston rings into the piston, and scored up the cylinder.

It’s really bad in boats because it sucks up the humidity from the air, then you start collecting water in the bottom of your fuel tank. Many boats have aluminum tanks, and corrosion starts. Replacing a tank on a typical boat can be between 5 and $10,000.


IIRC, fertilizer is what US agribusiness sources from Ukraine, which is a reason why US grain producers are so successful. Ukraine grain feeds Africa, the Middle East and Europe.


Putting ethanol in fuel is just an incredibly dumb idea. Along with being bad for engines it:

Lowers vehicle fuel efficiency because it has less energy than fossil fuels.

Requires by many accounts 1 gallon of fossil fuels (running farm equipment, making fertilizer and pesticides, transportation) to make one gallon of ethanol. Where is the environmental benefit?

Likely takes billions of gallons of precious water to grow the corn turned into fuel.

Turns food into fuel when the number of malnourished people in the world is closing in on 800 million. Think it takes about 25 pounds of corn to make about 1 gallon of ethanol. That’s a lot of popcorn going out the exhaust pipe @Karacal :wink:

Ethanol is a government mandated scam that increases profits for a few, gets kleptocratic politicians in the corn belt elected and increases the costs for the rest of us and the environment in countless ways.




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