Squatting in KY

Checking through what USCCA has for KY gun laws and if accurate and my understanding is correct……squatters should be scared of taking over another’s home here. What is listed:
The use of deadly force by a defendant upon another person is justifiable only when the defendant believes that the person against whom such force is used is:

  • Attempting to dispossess him or her of the dwelling otherwise than under a claim of right to its possession;

If my understanding of this is correct and I go on a vacation only to come home to find squatters; I can shoot them if they refuse to leave. I think I would shoot them anyways but that is a different story.


Who is the defendant and who is the other person?

The way I read it is the defendant is the owner of the home since this is under KY gun laws and we have the castle doctrine. The other person is or are squatters.


The problem is that depending on all the other laws involved in your State, if they are already occupying your home when you return they may have a claim that they are in possession and you are trying to dispossess them.

The possession of property laws in many States are really messed up, often allowing people who clearly stole the home to remain in possession of it until the rightful owner proves they own it in court. Which can take months or years.

You might get a better response from LEOs if you call to report that the people who stole your home are in possession of stolen firearms.


The fact that it is not worded using the words squatter and home owner makes me suspicious.


The “otherwise than claim to right of its possession” is the part that has me concerned. Not asking for legal advice but opinions of the phrasing. It could very well be as you say and could fall under tenet laws.


My advice is don’t shoot anyone who is not trying to kill you or yours or do you grave bodily harm.


Nobody is trying to or is squatting in my house/home. I don’t go anywhere unless driven there by another. Still I couldn’t abide sitting on my arse while another is living in MY house and more than likely ducking it up. Break the door in and once I’m in MY house Im defending it.


I think the situation would be legally messy if they claim they are the owners or tenants.

Illegally breaking into a home and taking possession of it breaks a whole bunch of laws. It shouldn’t be up to the rightful owner to prove they own the home. It should be up to the home invaders to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they have a right to be there. A car jacker wouldn’t be taken at their word that the vehicle they stole was theirs. Stealing a home is significantly worse and should be dealt with immediately and harshly by responding LEOs and the justice system. But in many States it is not dealt with this way.


Why FLA just passed the squatting law they did.


Ideally all States would be doing this ASAP and cracking down harshly on people doing this to send a message that this is not OK. But alas we are living in a time where criminals seem to have far more rights than their victims do:(


I think it’s funny ICE actually did something about the guy that made a video telling illegals what to do and our laws on squatting.


You must not have grandkids. :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:


No sir I do not.

Edit: lol, I’m slow tonight. I just got your joke. That was a good one.


Or kids. I work with an 80+ year old gentleman who is still working because his 3 50+ year old kids are a bunch of free loaders.

He is a very good man. Not sure what went wrong with his kids:(

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I do have a single 37 year old son who lost his job last month that moved in with us. He’s not light in the loafers if you get my meaning but thinks women are too needy today. Can’t find a strong woman that isn’t a bi-otich or narcissistic.

Sad part is, he would be a great husband and father.


The current economy has to be incredibly challenging for people to navigate. There is no way my family and I could afford to rent a home in this area let alone own if we hadn’t purchased a place at the bottom of the market over a decade ago.

There is a big difference between people having to struggle to get by in this economy and those who just aren’t willing to put in the effort and expecting the government or family to support them while they sit on the couch and watch TV.

Best wishes to your son being able to find a new job and worthy life partner!


OK, I don’t mean to but I am confused and asking My Brothers for Clarification.
I am going to Texas (end of month) (10) day’s. Plans fully made except for ONE BIG ISSUE. MY HOUSE!
Now this Shite arises (you’re timely topic William).
Let’s just say I am phuckin’ CONCERNED now!.
If I can have the floor for a minute? Thank you. My neighbors are mostly worthless, self absorbed with different ‘issues’ a little bit of free loaders living and drugin’ in a family house ND and they think My Sister an I are old and worthless (yet, I still work) I’m worthless…anyway, across the street are Hispanic racists(White haters).ND is a deaf elderly lady corrupted by Racists across the street (wonderful people I’m surrounded by).
(10) days is a long time to be away. Far from home, If something like discussed happened and the situation went to shite… There might possibly be guns vulnerable, house and possessions vulnerable… a neighbor across the way WILL LOOK OUT (OCCASIONALLY) better than nothing.
If a Moving truck pulls up they will call 911, otherwise…Thankful for that but she is ageing and is told to call 911 if there is ‘activity’ in the house and get away. She will do so.
I just had an Angelic bonk on the head if I hire a local Security firm to check locks etc. won’t that be proof the Owners are the true Owners are away and other miscreants would be there Illegally? and can I have Security for only those 10 days?. I’ll have to ask Monday…dammit the weekend started already.
I could bring the hardware to a frends house I guess… but all our stuff?
Suggestions ?
Now I don’t want to go!


Friend or relative to house sit?


Tried that, Friends super busy keeping roof’s over their head
No relatives alive here.
House sitters unavailable (tried for months on that).
It’s a solid neighborhood, nice homes, pride in ownership
I helped w/ two down the road enhance their alarm systems
semi-friendly we’re just not close.
One of us was always home. Defenses strong
Security tight but ship happens!
Especially these day’s.
One lucky broken window and they could be inside.
It only takes a second what it took a lifetime to build…
Armed Security Patrols are my best bet.