Spotting a tail

If you have a gut feeling about anything and a fart doesn’t get rid of it - don’t dismiss it. It pays to be aware of your surroundings. It could very well save your life.


Food for thought. Good point.

Where can I get some of that PTSD.

@John292 >> Good question Mr. John. As usual if I didn’t ask the question I don’t read other comments because I try to give answers straight from the hip.
The only advice that I would give you is to, if possible get to a populated area. My action would be entirely different than yours, I am a confrontational person and I have always had a very strong instinct to fight.
I have observed stalkers waiting for the right victim and they stick out like a sore boob. There is car jacking,
mugging/purse snatching in shopping malls in my area several times a week. Most of the time these turd balls pray on old people resulting in very serious injury.
Good luck boob fighting Mr. John.

Having an escape route for your car at all times is paramount! Several friends of mine while I was living in Rio learned this the hard way. I am also wary of driving with the windows down when in traffic. Best case is they only steal your briefcase - better than taking a Molotov cocktail in the back seat. I also never go directly to my car when exiting a place of business or store. I like to give it a lookover before getting in. There is a trend now to wedge something between the tire and wheel well, resulting in a flat tire or making enough noise for you to pull over and get out of your car. I’m glad I am not paranoid.

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I hear you… and it’s not paranoia when it is actually happening! As you stated, there are many questionable actions taken by the denizens of humanity trying to prey on unsuspecting, unaware, ignorant people. Staying aware, always vigilant, and prepared to deal with threats on their face, that is the way to live your life. Let those who want to walk with their heads down, looking at their phone, crossing the street with their heads down, unaware… let them be the sheep that the wolves go after.

Peace and stay sharp, my friend.