Spot Price Up and Down?


Reasons are supply and demand. Few of us have a crystal ball. I used “dollar cost averaging” for a few years, buying a bit monthly, and now sitting on it, I like looking at it and appreciate it’s worth more than I paid, despite paying over spot, and knowing selling will have offers at spot.


I’m no expert but my understanding is that the gold and especially silver markets are heavily manipulated, often illegally Though the big banks are involved so there is seldom more than the rare minor fine handed out for the infractions. Much of the trading actually is in paper shares and it is highly questionable whether there is anywhere near enough real gold and especially silver to cover all the paper that is traded.

This all makes investing in paper gold and silver a risky move. It also makes investing in physical gold and especially silver very frustrating since the price is not being driven solely by supply and demand.

But having some actual physical gold and silver in your possession has proven to be a good hedge against inflation and historically has come in handy during times of significant economic instability and political strife.