Sportsman's Warehouse bought

by Great American Outdoors, the same folks who ran Cabela’s and Bass Pro into the ground,
2020 running true to form to the very end :roll_eyes:


Being a bit ignorant here as I don’t frequent Cabela’s and no clue where a Bass Pro would be. I do go to Sportsman’s a bit as we have one in town here. They ran C and BP in the ground? I thought they were still around? Did they sell them?

Sportsman’s was great here, then sold to that Canadian company that I cannot remember the name of, and gosh it was bad. Just a shell of what it was. When Sportsman’s purchased the stores back, it never did seem to come back quite the same as before. I don’t go there nearly as often as I used to.

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Bass Pro/Cabelas camouflage sale in Brooklyn, NY

With the current shortages, nobody will probably notice.
CAB and BP are still around but the guns 'n ammo depts are poorly managed.
So poorly managed that it’s as if they don’t want to stay in business.
Sportsman’s (in my town) wasn’t the cheapest, but they offered excellent service and some brands not usually
usually found on the local market. Probably the best prices for Black MTZ too.