Spork Wars: Now On SOFX News

It’s a cautionary tale about tyranny and the loss of liberty and gun control run amok from an anonymous author just published in a SOF trade publication called SOFX. It’s a good read. Thinly veiled “fiction” short story. For he who has ears to hear, let him hear!

Background: Wars make news, history, and legends. Sometimes, the lines between fact and fiction get blurred by the fog of war. But truth gets even clearer in the chaos and danger of combat. DID a Ranger kill an insurgent with an MRE spoon? Who knows? COULD a Ranger end up engaged in a life-and-death, hand-to-hand combat with an insurgent, grab his MRE spoon by mistake, and still end winning the engagement? You betcha! And when it was all over, everybody who was there would laugh about it…tease him a bit…and then turn the story into a legend.