Of course Jerzy knows all about spalling.


This video provides a dramatic and effective demonstration.

I may be spaling it wrong, but I think of what’s shown in the video as “bullet splash” — which is a little clumsy when water splashing is the visual effect. I consider spall to be something broken off the surface (e.g concrete or back side of armor). So, I’m thinking “what kind of civilian shooting is going to spall off a steel target?” Nah, not here.

I don’t shoot in swamps much, but still see plenty of bullet splash — which disintegrates the bullets striking a steel target along the plane of the target face.

From the side, the line of splash is diagonally across the leg and on the crosspiece bottom surface:

Bottom of the crosspiece looking up the plane of the target:

And a closeup of “where bullets go to die”:

It’s not common, but I do find jacket fragments 15yd back at the shooting line. Your eye would tell you about it right away if some of this lead shrapnel found you. Wear your pro!


Watch the wood frame get shredded on both sides:


9mm FMJ 115 gr at 20 yards


Maybe not ALL about, but a lot. Enough to avoid any injuries.

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