South Africa: Using Only Pistols, Local Militia Stops 15 Armed Robbers with AKs


to secure communities where the government can no longer do it

How soon before they’re labeled as racists or right-wingers?


The laws in S.Africa are quite different from the US, it seems. Set up roadblocks, pursue the perps who are running away, let alone with dogs. Wow.


In my view, the 2nd Amendment’s purpose is to preserve the ability of the governed to resist a tyranical government. The argument some people often make is that ordinary people predominately armed with handguns could never hope to resist trained government authorities with automatic weapons, helicopters, body armor, and the like.

I suppose these S African farmers might provide evidence to the contrary.


You cannot be implying that farmer-killers in SA are acting at the behest of their government. This is like suggesting that mostly peaceful protests of 2020 burned and looted to promote a goal, other than social justice.
Tsk-tsk, you are being deplorable!

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These Farmer’s are MEN!
They stood up when the call came.
Even AFTER their own .gov took away most of their
Defensive hardware. They decided when
These thugs have destroyed infrastructure for Copper and other
precious materials to run the rails and keep the lights on.
The .gov is in free fall and lights and power on only 1/2 the time.
Their Ports are a shambles, as well as their highways.
These bleeding heart LIBERALS say 'the Afrikaan’s" were RACISTS
and single handedly tried to destroy all White’s. WHITE PEOPLE BAD!
Now the Terrorists run wild, Innocents are threatened and killed daily.
Police are outgunned and sometimes in with the mobs! RUN AWAY!

Just try that here A–holes! Can your ‘Alphabets with stand a firefight against (41) MILLION GUNNERS? In
Small towns/Big cities the tide is turning, TEXAS and other states are saying HELL NO! these Blu cities are now reaping what they’ve sown.“We’re being over run! Help us!”
Puddin’ doesn’t HEAR YOU! Doesn’t care about you!
How about you my fellow members? What will you do to stay alive when this Migration Balloon goes up? Hmmmmm? If you are still thinking some friggin’ MIRACLE is going to come down from above and save you there is no talking to you. It’s going to take Boots on the Ground! OURS! The fight will be up close and Personal. Some Cities are already Lost! They have been over run and OCCUPIED! The Mayors and Blu Gov’s can cry, scream, DISAVOW this administration now till the cows come home but their plea’s for relief are falling on deaf ears. From the .gov who WANT systematic destruction of our cities to the Red states and Gunners who are laughing at their destruction (self imposed) who thought
THEY WERE THE ANSWER TO EVERY WOE IN AMERICA! ('Ego is not your Amigo my friend!) We are the Federal Government and we are here to help you! How’s that working for you Democrats now, People are now flipping RED/Republicans because gas is going to .be $5.00+ a gallon and no relief in sight! They are STILL trying to give the little nazi Billion’s of dollars because they get the kick backs! How do some people NOT SEE the Corruption that has INFESTED DC? They want in on all facets of our lives. Control EVRYTHING! They couldn’t even control making a ham sandwich! This country has FALLEN! Let’s stop the bleeding before it’s too late for ALL OF US! How much sh-- will you eat before you say ENOUGH!
How will you choose to live, Protect yourself and Friends and family?
How will you live (or GO OUT of this world)? ON YOUR FEET OR ON YOUR KNEES?
You better get right w/ the LORD Brothers and Sister’s ( and I’m not tremendously religious, I Love God and he loves me and I believe he wishes me to be happy and safe!) The massive WAVE of 3.8+ Million TERRORISTS is in this country RIGHT NOW! They are NOT COMING! They are Here, right now! What do you think they want? How about your HOUSE!, YOUR JOB! You buried in the back yard! They were promised something! Now they are getting FREE I.D. cards ! Room and Board. They will take all the sh-- they are enduring for the long game of free housing and a low wage job if they exterminate all of us TROUBLE MAKERS! Where is the help for OUR PEOPLE?
OUR homeless, drug addicted, Veterans, People who have blown through their savings dealing with this crap and trying to raise their families? THIS Government is NOT YOUR FRIEND!
They never were. They are a small group of self serving despotic megalomaniac’s that WANT IT ALL!
If they can replace Free thinking American’s with a horde of controllable slaves they will do it!
We need to TAKE BACK our streets, Cities and Country. We know who is doing this. We know what they want. It’s clear to anybody willing to accept these hard TRUTHS!
If you choose not to act, say Buh-Bye to your Guns, your freedoms and quite possibly your life. Don’t cry and wet yourself when you are shoved down that cattle car ramp into the Shute and whacked over the head with the Bat! Your Wife, Your Children! GONE! Because you decided 'It’s not so bad…It could be worse!" Everything you worked hard for will be given to the fighters from the South! They don’t care about who does the Manuel Labor as long as it gets done and they continue living in Luxury and Style.
Does anyone have any idea how hard it is going to be to lift EVERY rock and search every basement rooting out this Wave of Vermin? many of us will not live to see the re-emergence of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA> But it’s a fight worth fighting. America is worth this fight.
God Speed Warriors!
Arm Yourself
And don’t take any SH-- from Anybody!

Where We Go ONE We Go ALL!


Get right in your head NOW of what actions you might have to take to protect your family. Confront that scary scenario in your head now. Think through what you will have to do and get yourself right with doing it. My uncle helped build the electric grid in the USA. He says it can be taken out in one night! All our enemies have to do is take out less than ten points and the whole nation goes dark!

My next purchase is going to be some sort of solar generator. I have already bought an LPG heater for the winter. Stock up on lighters in order to make a fire too.