Sonoluminescence in Ballistic Gel

I stumbled across this little video the other day, and thought it was way too cool not to share (it’s all of 58 seconds long):


New word for the day. Cool vid. :+1:


That’s really cool. I would never have thought that could cause a secondary explosion like that. I know that lightning causes sir molecules to separate and after the lightning is done the sir molecules slam together.

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I knew I was in the wrong post but wanted to see the video. Now I’m going back to the less educated folks.

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I would not have thought ballistics gel had enough strength to compress the air and unburnt powder to make the explosion


Is that your partner in the photo with you? You are a cute couple.

What picture :question:

You see it every so often if you cruise through the ballistics gel YT video rabbit hole. Here is a 44 Mag from a 4" S&W (not my vid):

Isn’t this with a fuel source because the air alone can get superheated but I have to check on if it can ignite on its own. The power of this is minuscule right ?

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Did some home work , what we are seeing is the unburnt propellant being ignited by the super rapid compression of gases

Amazing footage. Now I am pleased that I kept my 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle. Thank you!

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