Sometimes I have to ask - Do they Shoot too soon

From the Article:
“Something took place inside the store that resulted in Mr. Toon being shot several times by three officers from the Ogden Police Department and one officer from the Pleasant Grove Police Department,” Young said. Toon was apparently unarmed as no other gun or other weapon was recovered at the scene."

I, as a citizen can not use deadly force if I’m not reasonably convinced that my life or health is at risk. We’ll probably never know what “Really” happened in there, cops killed an unarmed man. I’m pretty sure the police aren’t going to jump out there and say OOPS, my mistake. I guess I just don’t trust authorities.


It is never black and white.

That confrontation wasn’t with store robber. Knowing suspect’s history LEOs must be prepared for non peaceful methods. They did their job to save themselves and others.

Additionally the guy was approached by the narcotics and gang task forces … so what to expect? He should just surrender, but he chose the other way. :neutral_face:

Anyway - these are only thoughts without knowing details. Thx God William Toon was a white man… :smirk:


Murder suspect that was previously involved in multiple high speed chases, I am seeing

It also appears the officers were there specifically to apprehend the murder suspect, something ordinary private citizens are not allowed or trained to do, generally. So you or I shouldn’t probably ever be in that situation to begin with


Without video it is impossible for me to say if this was justified or not.

If I knew this criminal’s history I would likely be prepared to react very quickly to any movements that could be perceived as an imminent threat.

But with appropriate planning and numbers you’d think the officers might have been able to find or create a situation where they could have swarmed the guy before he had any time to react.


If the Vid results finally (ever) come in from the store cameras and they release the Cam from the one officer then we will know what ‘might’ have gone on in that incident. Cops I have dealt w/ in general are NOT Trigger happy, they don’t WANT a shoot to add to their burden of daily Policing.
It’s too easy to be railroaded by woke/progressive’s :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: these days, just ask Ofc. Derek Chauvin… This Career Crim made too many incorrect moves and whatever he did forced these guys to shoot him dead. BRAVO Boy’s ‘Another one bites the dust’. I for one will not try to ‘overwhelm’ somebody who is clearly a danger to Innocents. I don’t care if he threw a six pack and a bag of chips at these Officers. SOMETHING made them shoot and until these Vid’s come out I am voting a ‘Good Shoot’ for the WHITE HATS. Look at that MUG shot. (28) and he thinks he’s a bullet proof BADASS. These Cops proved otherwise.
(and I’m really not a PRO COP kind of guy, but as I’ve said a MILLION times on this site when is it going to be enough? When are we going to start ‘Backing the BLUE again’? when are we going to TAKE BACK OUR STREETS from this walking Vermin?
Until the vid’s come out, I vote Good Shoot. Career of Criminality versus no weapon found…
We shall see.