Something strange about new firearms shortage?

At least it seems strange to me. I recently purchased a new Benelli ETHOS Sport 20ga for my daughter. I first searched local, then the normal big online stores, and lastly resorted to having friends in other states check their dealers for one. It was just luck that one was located in the Dakota’s. This dealer had just received it the day it was located and said it was likely the only one he would get this year. I bought it sight unseen, went through all the legal hoops to buy and ship to my local dealer. Given the state of things today I can somewhat understand the shortage of more self defense primary use firearms, but this gun has a 28" barrel and extended choke so it’s not exactly a conceal carry firearm. I also searched Browning’s and found nothing. This was not a cheap firearm. What’s the opinion on why such a wide spread shortage of even sporting guns?
BTW-- it’s a real nice looking shotgun:


I had the same issues trying to find a new gun so I could get into sporting clays. Part of it is likely that Remington was out of the game for a little bit. Another part is that manufactures are likely focusing on making defensive guns at the moment to try to keep up with demand.

The final part could be clueless new gun buyers going into stores saying I need a shotgun for self defense. The store owner looks at his almost empty shelves pulls down his last shotgun and says here this 30” O/U will do the trick. Just ask our new commander in chief about how to properly use it when the crooks come knocking at your door;/


You pretty much hit the nail on the head here with all of the reasons causing even sport guns to be hard to find.

I know a friend of mine is the Gun Manager at a local outdoors store and they told me that there are people who don’t care about what the specific gun is, they just wanted one that would work, which led to a lot of people purchasing sporting guns even for self-defense. So your theory is pretty accurate from my experience.


I would have thought Benelli and Browning would be pouring out the more expensive shotguns since it seems they can sell them faster than they make them. This was also a sporting clays gun for my daughter. After shooting a few different guns and gauges she preferred a 20ga. Now she gets to enjoy finding ammo.

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I was being a little facetious with my last point. Agree that it is mostly inexperienced folks buying whatever they can get their hands on more so than gun salespeople giving bad advice to make a sale. The majority of times I see folks saying “I’ll just take that one over there” while the salesperson tries to tell them how to find what they really need online. Though I have seen a couple of snake oil salesmen behind the counter as well.

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A slight gun specific hijack here: This particular gun has a factory ported barrel. I was very surprised to see this. It did not make any difference to me since it was a factory job, Maybe in the hands of a pro-shooter porting makes a difference, I don’t know.

Target shells seem to be coming back in stock in a lot of places now. Both online and in town. Though I am mostly seeing 12 gauge and the prices are still mostly on the high side.

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Is Remington back in the gun making business? My last understanding was only the ammo side label was back, not the firearms.

I had read somewhere they were coming out with several new mag fed shotguns shortly.

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I completely agree and understand what you were getting at. I think most salesmen do ask questions to try and guide their customers to what they need. I personally used to sell guns and tried my hardest during the 2012 shortage to guide people to what is most effective. Unfortunately, some do take advantage of the inexperienced. I think it also highlights the importance that we all have in the firearm community to help reach out to new gun owners or those who are interested in becoming gun owners, to ensure that they don’t get taken advantage of.


Is it possible to hijack your own topic?:wink:

I am new to shotguns so can’t say who would benefit the most. Think a 20 gauge with light target loads would be pretty easy to control without the porting but it may help with heavier hunting loads?? Not sure how much it will increase the sound levels. May want to double up on the ear protection, which I always do anyways.

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Thanks for the heads up.
Remington Factory Reopens, 870s Resume Production ::


Well, someone just got a big supply. But it ain’t us! :laughing:

Millions of Bullets Stolen in Central Mexico Heist |

Yay. Good to have options. Perhaps a good sign of things to come. Though I’ve also noticed firearms shortage also; That strong demand rearing its head again I guess.

It’s only because more people are buying guns first time and more and veteran gun owners are buying a couple extra that’s always the problem their Mass buying and panic buying like we did at the grocery store for covet or for hurricanes we panic and mass by and then it seems like everything else is just like what’s going on why is there no Emma why is there no guns because everybody’s panic buying