Somebody on the street asks for money, What would you do?

When I was is SLC I heard a homeless woman cry and yelling she was going to f someone up. There were two more homeless people there and she was explaining that people were treating here bad because she didn’t have a home. The two other homeless guys were consoling her and calming her down. I asked if she was ok and she said yes and made a comment about my skateboarding and I replied it keeps me young. The next day I still had them on my mind because of the compassion they had for each other. I know money I give them isn’t going to make a difference in their lives but I wanted to show them a kind gesture so I had a dollar bill in my pocked in case they asked me for money. As it turn out I ran into the one that was consoling her the most and he asked me for spare change. I stood there checking all my pockets a few times while exchanging some words about skateboarding and couldn’t find the dollar. He said “it’s not important “ and walked away.


When was this?

I used to carry one dollar bills in anticipation of getting asked by people I perceive to be in need, leaving the home with the intention to give.

These are different times we live in.


February. Different time zone. It takes me 5 hours to drive there but only 3 hours to drive home.
Edit- My wife says I’m a dick.


Depends on how they look and act.
I’ve emptied my pocket of change, reached for my wallet either to show no cash or give (rarely)$5-10.
Sometimes I just say sorry I don’t have any money left.
One guy got upset and pulled a knife and told me to hand it over. I calmly pulled out my wallet showed it was empty of cash, took out my id, pictures, and the guy said forget and walked away then he noticed my badge on my belt and a bulge under the bottom of my t-shirt. He put up his knife and sid a derogatory word and put his hands out.
I bought him lunch, talked about an hour and we left.


I normally just say that I don’t carry cash, because I don’t. Only once did a homeless person tell me they would blow my head off. Nice day…

Charlotte is littered with people pretending to be homeless, so most folks just ignore them.


Some of us may be surprised at just how much money can be accumulated by these beggars who populate our cities and towns.

After these “vagabonds” park their Lexus or BMW I-series vehicles a couple of blocks away, and after they have donned the clothes to make themselves appear homeless, they walk to their corner in front of the local Starbucks and set up shop.

Not to be sexist, but many women tend to fall for this scam, and these women regularly give them $20, $50, or even $100 dollar bills on a regular basis.

It really tugs on the sympathy strings if these people have a sign that indicates that they have a family to look after.


Have had this happen twice in DC. Once a few years back. I was there because my dad was on an honor flight for vets. I was waiting alone at the Vietnam memorial. Guy walks up says he’s a disabled vet and asked for cash. I gave him $20. I haven’t missed it and it’s on him if he was lying or making a dishonest living this way. I was honoring my dad by being at the event and being generous seemed like a good way to do that. Being gullible might not have been, but…

Last week in DC again at a metro hub. Lady approached me and the family and asked if she could talk to us. She asked for a meal. I said I have my own family to take care of. She said good for you that you have a family. She said a member of her family was just murdered and all this other bad stuff happened and she basically has no family. I just listened while being aware that there could be an accomplice. When she walked away she thanked me for being nice. I looked at my kids and said “who knows if that was true.” My wife said, “it sounds like she’s told that story a few times before. It sounded very rehearsed.”

In Baltimore they approach you at just about every intersection if you are unlucky enough to hit a red light. I don’t go there any more than I have to, but they have the best medical care around, and we’ve had some family situations. At red lights I don’t acknowledge that they are there or shake my head no.

Not saying it’s the right thing to do, but that’s what I’ve done. I always feel a bit guilty because what if they are really in dire straights due to no fault of their own? I think that sensitivity is not a bad thing to have.


Lately, I pray on it.
If so moved, I’ll give 'em a $2 bill because that’s all I’ll carry primarily to reward children I see exemplifying outstanding behavior (with parental permission, of course)
Why $2 bills? Kids remember them and after all, inflation, you know.
I won’t carry $2 bills in my wallet as a precaution.


Junk mail, almost every day, “what’s in your wallet?” :sunglasses:

All cardboard fakes, I knew someday they would come in handy!

If I had the patience, I would paint the “chips” gold! But why go through all that for some lowlife? By the time the sh/thead finds out they are fake, either he’ll be long gone, I’ll be long gone or worst case scenario he could be facing down the barrel of a .45ACP! Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!


I worked in Manhattan for enough years to have heard just about every possible story/scam there is. Hordes of folks just trying to separate you from your money. So now I carry almost no cash no matter what country I’m in, and ignore anyone asking for any or just say “No” as I walk by.

Had one yesterday on the corner outside my Supermarket. She looked VERY well fed and was holding a sign that says. “hungry and homeless, anything helps”. The stupid bitch was on the phone speaking into a new iPhone 15. Brightest lightbulb she ain’t.


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@ The Peace and Brotherhood Chapel Vietnam Vet’s Memorial in Angel Fire, New Mexico in December ( really cold and blustery) a ‘Guard’ was hassling a Vet who was sitting on part of the Wall. OD Green coat w/ epaulets and patches, , a little rough lookin’, had a boonie hat pulled down tight. I asked the guard to calm down let me help the Brother…
He was stone dead. Frozen solid—I lost it! raged @ the hapless sub human, drew a crowd, other Vet’s came around, my truck was 20 ft away I got my blanket, we laid him down he wouldn’t straighten out as I said frozen, He died cold and alone…
So SAD. Someone called it in. We took up a collection on the spot , hope it helped…
I give to all VET’s ( if they are running a game it’s on them) I won’t judge, not my way.
We’ve GOT to care for each other man,
If I go down the rabbit hole I pray somebody would be there for me.

Give a Vet $5 is that going to kill you?



I try to donate to charities when I can afford, some are tax deductible. Volunteering less, if I’m exhausted or unwell.

I’m biased. My grandpa was already well past retirement age when outside — someone struck him on the head to steal from him. Grandpa, who got bit by a savaged mad dog as he fended it off with his cane — from little boy, a stranger, the dog was attacking.

I try to not show disrespect to beggars as I think it means a lot to them to feel human and not looked down upon. Since I don’t know them, I try to avoid escalating any laden anger within them, in case they are in borderline psychosis.

However I’m usually on guard, and never hand anyone any money, I don’t take my eyes off my field of vision nor do I reach for my wallet.

However, within the past several years, once one cold day – a man saw me inside a fast-food restaurant — in front of others, he asked if I could buy him a hot dog. The staff were angry at me as I did, so I got him extra and I left a nice tip to the staff. As I walked out, I saw him sitting down inside eating. Made me smile as I walked home.

I still ty to avoid any such situations, folks are just too unpredictable.


Isn’t there kind of a rule, don’t pull your wallet out when a pan handler asks for money?


And a Root Beer


The question seems to have been asked by someone who has never navigated the legions of panhandlers in many major US cities.

When I worked in DC, I was panhandled every single day, at least twice a day. Once, when I left the Foggy Bottom metro to begin my walk down K street to my office, then again, in the evening when I returned to the metro for the evening commute home. If I went out to lunch, that would typically involve another two panhandling episodes – one on the way to a restaurant and one on the way back. If I pulled out $20 each time to give to some scuzzy bum, it would have cost me more than $10,000/year if I was not robbed by the other panhandlers who saw the transaction. No thanks.


I don’t handout cash! I am involved with several organization that support the homeless and give to them,

The issue is there is no way to separate those truly in need and those scamming. It happens daily in my community; I have intimate knowledge from the local policing agencies that the problems with homeless and scammers will continue as long as we hand them cash. Best to refer all the supporting agencies.,