Some advise please

If baseball players can constantly play with theirs on national TV I figure I can get away with mentioning it here;)

Seriously though, baoding balls were originally invented to help soldiers improve their grip strength and fighting ability. I got a set without the meditative chimes. That way I can play with them without everyone in the house having to listen;)


I am just teasing you
I knew what you were talking about


I have right handed paralyses from a brain injury 18 yrs ago. I checked into baoding ball and I like what I’m seeing. what size should i start with 1" or 1.5"?


I’m not sure what size I have. Probably mostly depends on your hand size and starting coordination. I read that some folks start smaller than graduate to larger sizes.

I got these as part of a sale deal that came with some other hand exorcise equipment:

They are heavy and rubber coated and seem to work pretty well though they don’t spin smoothly if you let them touch each other. Which I think is the point to make the exorcise a little more challenging. I may get one of the stone or steel sets down the road to see how they compare. It’s an easy thing to work out with while reading on the computer or watching TV.


I want to be supportive but am afraid anything I say will come out or across wrong. Ill just say, blessings to you and god bless you abundantly.