Social services worker fired, escorted out by cops for having a gun permit—not a gun

Um, what?

That would be terrible! I did a little digging, and it sounds like she wasn’t exactly truthful in her post:


I agree. And here in Texas, the LTC licensing division is managed by DPS and those records are private. She must have opened up her mouth which is probably what got her fired.

Whole gotta stories flying around this one. Hard to know what’s true and what isn’t.

Sorry but I don’t believe what is reporting. And that is because they’ve been found to report false stories. And are very far left biased. Also if this is the real case or even part of it. Having a CCW isn’t a good reason to be fired. But the other issues also reported are another issue if true.


IMO, something doesn’t smell right with the story.

Her attorney is the one who needs to look into this. But this doesn’t pass the smell test.

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