Social Distancing

I’ve been social distancing myself since Sunday. Working from home, limited trips to stores (prescription and last minute grocery items pick up), video conferencing and lots of phone calls/texts instead of seeing people in person. While it does save me travel time, it also feels a bit confining at times.

I’ve spent some of the extra time playing with my granddaughter, extra time on the Community, cleaning, watching training videos, shopping online (just one purchase so far :wink: ) and dryfire training.

What are you doing during this time of social distancing to improve your training?


One thing I’ve been doing is referring to it and thinking about it as physical distancing (as you describe). This point was brought home on a news conference by the governor of Ohio and his physician leaders.
Dr. Atkins brought this point home–don’t socially distance yourself–stay in close contact by phone/skype with friends and family. Now is the time to make up for in person interaction with other options.
It’s going to be easy to feel isolated and alone in the weeks/months ahead, and her point really hit home for me.

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I have friends in different parts of the state that see things but obviously are not staying completely informed.

In the last two days I have spend no less than 3 hours each day responding and explaining to people what they are seeing is not what they are thinking.

Each message was dripping with fear and panic until I gave them calm logical analysis of the information they were giving to me.

Most of what they were seeing and in fear of had been announced days before to avoid panic.

I am not saying I like everything I am hearing but, I am saying it is not yet reasons for panic. And remember I dont trust the Government, especially when they are trying to help for no reason. (They always have a reason and I my opinion over 80% of the time it is political in nature and not for the well being of the people.)


I am staying in the house as much as possible. That’s hard to do this time of year in Florida. I am only going out to get the paper or the mail, drag the garbage and recycling bins out and in.

Work is still work - all online, as it has been for me for 18+ years. I have a new job and a new team, so I have a lot to learn. Videos to watch, materials to read, people to meet.

Not much different than a winter in Wisconsin.


Here is the problem with curbing the spread. There is absolutely no way short of totally isolating your household to prevent the chance of infection. Your heart tells you to help and interact directly with family and close friends. Your mind tells you that when they are away from you there is no way to know about what/who they by chance came into contact with and how quickly they sanitized after that contact. You can reduce your risk, but to eliminate it is doubtful at best. However, remember if you get sick you are of no use in helping friends and family and you might infect them. At this point I’m reading reports that say a person can be contagious and not show any outward signs of infection. Right now we are still allowing family and friends contact. I have told the admiral(wife) we may need to change that very soon. How to know when the right time might be I have no friggin’ clue. It could be too late already and then again it may not ever need to happen. lots of questions and no correct answers.

Typically the government comes up with a “solution” looking for a problem.


Actually the time of social distancing doesn’t help with improving the training. Even I have more time, it’s just starting to be boring.
I’m not doing anything more and frequent… it just doesn’t work for a longer period. Maybe 2 days…
On the other hand there is more time to know your firearm. Full disassembly, cleaning, polishing, cleaning, lubing, protecting… this is FUN :slightly_smiling_face:

Walking outside is great. No close encounters, I don’t need to be focused as usual.

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Streaming video and renting movies. Today I noticed Amazon and Disney are starting to make movies available for rent/purchase that are currently in theaters, which is cool.

Other than that working from home, my son doing online high school (which he likes better), and keeping my travel outside of the house to a minimum.

And admittedly…too much online shopping.

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You have good reason to distrust the government. Just a couple of months ago the government told you this was a hoax, that there was nothing to worry about because in April, when it warms up a bit, the virus was going to just go away! Now, in the midst of all these dead and horribly dying people, their story is changed.

I agree that “panic” is always the wrong approach. There is a short, gray haired guy, a Dr. Fauci, who seems to be one of the few people with the knowledge and the authority to speak the truth. Panic, IMO, is never a good option. I’ll just trying to do what that guy says and ignore the politicians.

I kind of like the life I’m living and I’d like it to stay that way for a while longer. I’ll deal with the shortages and my diminishing life’s savings because I believe the shelves will be restocked soon enough, and that the markets will come back again. I’ve lived through gasoline shortages, a recession, the threat of world-wide famine, and a lot of crackpots with end-of-world predictions. It all worked itself out okay. If we follow the sane advice that’s floating around, this will work out okay, too.


It’s snowing in WI right now which makes it a lot easier to stay home. :slight_smile:


I work from home so it really has not seemed unusual to me yet, I am actually working more hours. This weekend I suspect the “free time” will start to seem more real.


Being elderly and disabled has prepared me for staying inside so that’s the easy part however, I’ve been under the impression that we’ve been isolated pretty much from others and have dealt with what most would call boring by realizing there is always something to do so now due to Covid-19, We have restricted access to our home only allowing family inside. It has become very apparent just how busy this place actually has been! It’s amazing at the number of folks that visit my home that I just never realized, took for granted. It’s nice to realize that people do care. Never a dull moment and it’s absolutely wonderful.


Nothing new for me really. Going to try this new system @TexasEskimo recommended. I am going to take a low light shooting class Sunday. Never know power may go out.

Also going to try out a new red dot regimen that was recommended.


I recently took a low light class and really enjoyed it and learned a lot. You can never get enough training.

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I’m using the time to decrease my time to acquire the new red dot sights on my Sig and Canik.
I’m finding the Canik’s Vortex is much easier to acquire than the Trijicon on the Sig.

So, how much longer is this social distancing supposed to last? My wife keeps trying to get into the house. :wink:


Wasn’t too worried about catching anything at the range and went there last week. Normal number of people and no one else seemed too concerned. Then we had an earthquake in Salt Lake City and the range closed because of damage to the buildings. So now it’s LaserAmmo dry fire in the house. It’s good training, cheap, and still fun. I guess I’m safer from the virus also!

LOL. I guess you never taught her to shoot!