So here we are……

How much money did the “Cold War” cost ? For 70+ years the US military focused on overcoming the USSR, and now we ARE faced with it being revived. The cost of stopping that is minor compared to what it will be if Ukraine is overrun and the benefit our military is gaining by seeing how our old and in some cases obsolete equipment works is well worth the cost. Much of the “AID” is the new cost and not the true amount, plus much has been pulled from storage. Do you even remember our military giving equipment to police departments to get rid of it , that was done to avoid storage and to make room for new equipment. SO Stop using the inflated numbers. NOW you think we should help our Veterans, Police, First Responders and General Welfare of our Citizens ? THEN stop funding BULLSHIT, the first Close the Border by letting Immigration and law enforcement do their JOB. Second eliminate the cost of funding the education of our youth to believe Men can become pregnant and breast feed babies or it is OK to perform strip shows for schools( K-12th grade). and third eliminate the waste in our welfare and social giveaways. Our politicians have gutted the Social Security funds for to long . and last but not only, put term limits on Politicians so they do not have time to learn how to pervert our Judicial and Legislative systems.


Wanted to cut this out, as it is exactly how I feel.


Fear monger much? SMH!

LOL You take things too seriously and too literally. When looking at all the bad things that have occurred under the Biden regime, oh, uh… “administration”, one needs a little levity. Social media censorship, again, still, for $100 Alex. :rofl: Bird Flu redux for $200. :sunglasses:


They are not “Conservatives”.

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